Alan Kyeremanten: Drop Yaw Buaben Asamoa Like Your Tatty Pioto

Feature Article Alan Kyeremanten: Drop Yaw Buaben Asamoa Like Your Tatty Pioto

Now, why would anyone running a serious campaign to achieve a life-long dream destroy everything by entertaining a ruffian, who has never been able to come to terms with his failure as a Parliamentarian? Is it not rather embarrassing that Yaw Buaben Asamoa, A ONE-TIME PARLIAMENTARIAN, who has not an iota of a meager chance to redeem his image as the disaster that he was to the Adenta constituency be running his mouth loosely for Alan Kyeremanten? I was hoping to see a decent campaign coming from his camp to mirror his decency as one of the best Trade Minsters Ghana has ever had, but, then again, he may have the best qualities to be the best Minister without necessarily possessing any Presidential clout to propel him onto such a mighty stage as the Presidency of Ghana!

How can Yaw Buaben Asamoa, someone who lost his voice as Director of Communications for the NPP be allowed to speak when all that he utters is mere gibberish that must not even be allowed to float in the media space. Well, for one thing, this man has no appearance of honour. Just look at him, and you will realise that you are dealing with an educated illiterate. You see, I am told that he claimed that Dr Bawumia, being head of the Economic Management Team (EMT) should carry the cross of the economy that has been battling the reverberations of international crisis and the pandemic curse. He chooses to be lopsided in his baseless arguments, forgetting that my friend, Alan Kyeremanten, was the Head of the Economic Management Committee of the Cabinet and was part of the decision making process regarding the economy, so what is Buaben saying?

He seems to have found his voice after losing it as Director of Communications for the NPP where he performed so abysmally that I had to make several visits to the President to complain about this weakling. He could never make a serious statement and with each attempt, he sweated like a pregnant zebra in labour! His demeanour as a communications Director reminds me of that single individual in class, who would walk around with a confused look, especially when he pauses to look around. You know at that point he is releasing one of those hot and smelly silent farts that are as poisonous as the pronouncements of Yaw Buaben Asamoa.

He seems to think that running down an opponent will win his candidate the favour of delegates and constituents. I dare say that it is a stupid strategy because it is a trigger of aggravation that can only have a ricocheting effect on the general progress of Alan’s campaign. If anyone wants to use this wasted political pioto for their mission, it will be suicidal as much as it would be an embarrassment to decency. Ask yourself why he lost the Adenta seat to the NDC? Adenta had become the stronghold of the NPP, but the sleaziness, arrogance, and incompetence of Yaw Buaben Asamoa got the constituents scratching their heads! What went wrong?

This is a man, who was reported to have insulted women by making disparaging comments about Prof Jane Naana Opoku-Agyeman, John Mahama’s running mate for the 2020 elections. Here is an excerpt from one of many news reports about his insolence in this regard:

In a paraphrase, Mr. Buaben Asamoa is quoted as saying if Mr. Mahama has chosen a woman as Running Mate, it means he doesn't take Ghanaians seriously. His comment has outraged many Ghanaians who think he has undermined women in the country.

You see, when a man hurries to insulting women, then he has no respect for his grandmother, mother, wife, daughters, and Aunties. If one utters a comment as to expose the incompetence of a woman to make a case against her nomination for a political venture or a job per se, it can be subtly stated without demeaning her because she is a woman!

So, even though it does not surprise me that he can speak ill of a candidate as Dr Bawumia, his rhetoric smacks of a desperation that is cascading down the pyramid of his camp. I am bothered, and very much so, because I have noticed that the communication strategy of this dunderhead is retarding the aspirations of Hon Kojo Alan Kyeremanten. Alan must sit up and reorganise his outfit. In fact, he must dictate to his communicators the exact messages he wants disseminated, even though he claims not to have any serious idea as to what must and must not be said.

I am sad because it seems to me that in the past month, his campaign has hit the rocks specifically due to lack of eloquence! And, yes, if you ask me, it, also, seems to me that he’s trailing in third place behind Hon Kennedy Agyapong and Dr Bawumia. In any case, there is still enough time to pull his campaign out of this quagmire and gain some ground if, and only if, he drops Bryan Buanebn Asamoa like he would his tatty pioto (underwear)!

By Fadi Dabbousi