Safer Internet Day: MTN provides training for pupils of Osu Presby SHS on cybersecurity

By Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo
Education Safer Internet Day: MTN provides training for pupils of Osu Presby SHS on cybersecurity
FEB 7, 2023 LISTEN

Ghana’s leading telecommunications company, MTN Ghana has marked the 2023 Safer Internet Day.

The day which is being commemorated today, Tuesday, February 7, is aimed at promoting the safe use of the internet for children and young people.

As part of the Africa Safer Internet initiative, MTN visited the Osu Presbyterian SHS today to educate the pupils and staff on cyber safety among other things.

Speaking to the media on the motive behind the training for the pupils, Jacqueline Hanson Kotei who is Senior Manager, Enterprise Information Security & Governance at MTN Ghana explained that her outfits want to contribute to helping young people to be safe online.

“Today is World Safe Internet Day and we are here to commemorate the day. We are aware that a lot of the youth have various devices. It’s important that we give them the necessary guidance on how to be safe online. A lot of our children are online these days.

“How we keep them safe is a question that has come up and the government, public, the media, and parents, we all need to come together and see how we can answer that question and help keep our children safe online. That’s why we are here today,” Jacqueline Hanson Kotei disclosed.

Jacqueline Hanson KoteiJacqueline Hanson Kotei

She continued, “We want to advise young people, the youth to be safe online. Be safe online, don’t meet anybody who engages you online, be careful of accepting unknown requests online, make sure that whoever you are dealing with is reliable, and always report to an adult if you encounter someone or something uncomfortable.”

In the past, MTN Ghana has engaged in similar training geared towards equipping young people with the knowledge on how to stay safe while using the internet.

Last year, the giant telecom company commemorated Safer Internet Day at the Labone Senior High School where students were trained.

After seeing his school benefit from the training today, the headmaster of the Osu Presbyterian SHS, Vincent Esoah expressed profound appreciation to MTN on behalf of the school.

He said he has no doubt the impact will be massive not only for the ICT students who were trained but other schoolmates and young siblings of the beneficiaries.

“I’m very glad as a headmaster to have MTN Ghana visiting the school to mark Safer Internet Day. Having met with my students they have educated them on a lot of issues to be able to keep themselves safe whenever they are using the internet. We are aware cyber insecurity is a global issue and our youth are the most at risk because they use the internet a lot. So I believe tackling it from this angle I think MTN has done well. They [the students] have learned a lot and I believe that they are going to educate other people on how to be safe on the internet so we are grateful,” Vincent Esoah told the press in an interview.


In a plea, the Osu Presby SHS headmaster appealed to MTN Ghana and all well-meaning Ghanaians to donate computers to the school.

He shared that for a school that offers ICT as an elective subject, only 33 working computers are available to serve 308 students.

Mr. Vincent Esoah noted that while the government is making the effort to intervene and help, it is important that organisations and people who can support also extend a helping hand to the Osu-based Senior High School.

During the training on Tuesday, the Cyber Security Team of MTN Ghana took students and staff of Osu Presby SHS through various topics including Cyberbullying, Privacy, Internet security tips, as well as Social media security tips.

The training also focused on equipping students with the knowledge of how to Protect Mobile devices and how one can be protected against cyberbullying.


Students were advised to be mindful of the things they post online, not to share private information online, avoid downloading from untrusted sources, and avoid the use of free public Wi-Fi, among other things.

Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo
Eric Nana Yaw Kwafo