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Brutality & Suzerainty Wars: Signs Of Killer Instinct Out Of Insecurity

Brutality  Suzerainty Wars: Signs Of Killer Instinct Out Of Insecurity
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How do humans explain in this century, that we still elect and rally round leaders with a killer instinct sending our Youths to wars over crude suzerainty to fight those that want to decide their own political economic survival? The worst friends we have are those enemies that claim they love us by force, Africans call Tipatipa. Yet, all species of animals protect and mourn their own from death.

Brain and emotional fatigue have killed our sympathy and ability to empathize with those unable to defend themselves against the might of the powerful. Even those who were the victims of atrocities yesterday have become indifferent as the perpetrators today, for the fear of becoming victims again of yesterday's suffering.

If the Africans know the real Mission of explorers like Mungo Park when he fell deadly ill in the south-west Malian village of Kamalia, a Mandinka man would not have nursed him back to health over a period of seven months. He came back again until he met his Waterloo in the rapids of Bussa. Even the American Indians would not have rescued Columbus wandering on the sea, if they had known it would lead to their subjugation.

Humans have evolved with a propensity to kill one another that is six times higher than the average mammal, new research demonstrated. Scientists calculated that when we first developed into modern humans about two per cent of deaths were caused by fellow Homo sapiens, according to a research article in the journal of Nature.

Humans evolved to have an instinct for deadly violence, researchers find

We witness many barbaric acts around the world dressed as retaliation, collateral damages, preemptive strikes, in defense of democracy and socialism. If these repulsive rituals for suzerainty, domination and exploitation are now at its peak in our time since the worst of World War I and II, it must not be repeated during the civilized age. Politicians are like the fanatics that use economic leverage, religions and missionaries to change the world order so that they can rule every corner of the world from Africa to Asia.

Yet humans are becoming the most vicious of all animals to completely eliminate or threaten the very existential survival of one another. There must be a blind spot for the choice of these leaders that plunges us Into deep mourning when they encourage the massacre of other human beings inside or outside our countries. The only way to become indifferent is when we demonize other people that are left to die because we cannot rescue them from our own selfish interest.

Most of those voters do not see beyond their immediate needs. This is how corrupt politicians and big business win the trust of the Union bursters that gave them middle class privileges. The anti women politicians get women votes. Military dodgers corner military votes and hoarders of food meant for the poor that raise food prices; obtain votes by distributing the same food as stomach infrastructure. The biggest threat to any democracy is an uninformed electorate.

However, looking at statistical averages overlooks those vulnerable groups that have lost their high paying Union jobs while the Government bailed out big Banks and Investment companies that gambled recklessly with Pensions and small stocks at the markets. The big boys came out richer paying a lower percentage of their income than the working class. The conservatives captured their votes by promising jobs they had lost to new technologies. The return to their good old days without the new migrants taking the old jobs. This class without a college degree make up the majority of voters and if over half of them are persuaded, the Extremist parties win.

Replacement theory fears (Remember Jews will not replace us!) have raised the angst against the influx of migrants. They elected Right extremist leaders comforted by Christian Right. The angry working classes fell to the lower side of median, not mean incomes. They find themselves competing with minimum wage workers and new immigrants for the first time in their generation. They are the ones that lost their old income which covered all the food they want, cars and houses in the suburbs. They become part of the folks on free food lines for the poor. So, the new immigrants are seen as threats to the middle class life they had without college degrees.

What and how can the majority of the world be better informed to take actions that will expose the burden they carry against their own interests? They are promised freedom of choice while opponents are violently denied. Leaders' choice is between Autocracy, Theocracy, Dictatorship. But are lured into the worst form of governance in the name of democracy! No matter how close we are in origin and history, people will exploit people. Africans should love one another the way other people do, not kill the way they do.

We look at how the refugees in Ukraine are welcomed at their borders by different countries around and far from them and see humanity in action. Of course, white people love one another. There is nothing wrong with people loving one another. The love did not prevent the bloody massacre that split Czechoslovakia after the reign of an inspiring leader. But look closely in Ukraine, the people killing one another have the same Slavic and Rus origin divided by political economy. The line between hate and love can become combustible and repulsive. It only takes a rancid minded partner with a killer instinct to turn love into hate.

Unfortunately, we reason that fires are used to combat fires. Indeed, the rationale for nuclear deterrence is acquisition of nuclear power. Somehow, we rely on the judgment and pledges of these leaders not to use what they have when they are desperate. It is humans that developed the weapon of mass destruction, not only to eliminate one another but to vacate every living animal in the world. If these were other species that became so cannibalistic, humans would destroy them.

One of the few times we condemned people to death is when they commit heinous crimes against humanity. If these people are so out of character, it does not fit into the factors needed to be a leader. This is exactly what voters or constituted bodies choose when people we know are horrendous, become leaders. Recent research has found that individuals who boast dark personality traits, such as narcissism, can still retain high levels of cognitive and affective empathy. The study, recently published in Personality and Individual Differences, identifies these types of people as “dark empaths.”

Farouk Martins Aresa @oomoaresa

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