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07.12.2003 Feature Article

To "&%#!" with the Commonwealth

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...Ghana do not like to raise her voice why?. President Kufuor why don´t you say something? We heard that according to the “UK papers, Independent and the Telegraph, on the 06 December 2003 that Ghana is one of several African countries that want Zimbabwe kept out of the Commonwealth, but she does not want to be vocal about it”.

Someone out there should be bold enough to ask why can´t they open their mouth to say what is their mind?. Inferiority complex is a disease. This disease is what we Africans have inherited from our colonial master. A disease that we slaves inherited since we were born. This is the disease that prevents any African president to tell his colonial master that enough is enough.

The black president is afraid to open his mouth to say this because of the following reasons:

1. The African president thinks he was elected as a president in his own country under the supervision of the colonial master called the commonwealth.

2. The African president is afraid to say this because he feels he is poor despite the mineral resources surrounding him.

3. The African president is afraid to say this because the CIA, Americans, British and France will make sure that his government is overthrown if he fails to do what they want.

4. The African president is afraid to say this because he believes that because we are poor our brains are also so poor that despite our intellectuality, without the help of the commonwealth he cannot think of how he can manage his country and feed his people.

5. The African president is afraid to say this because he has accepted that he cannot tell his people the truth that he is afraid of the commonwealth master. He has to lie to his people all the time to maintain power. 6. The African president is afraid to say this because he has accepted that we were born slaves without brains to develop our country ourselves because we don´t have money and the technology to make it happen. 7. The African president is afraid because we don´t have weapons to resist their aggressions against us if we refuse to dance to the tone of their music. We are handicapped. Fellow countrymen, I can go on and on and the more I talk about our inferiority complex the more I feel ashamed been born as an African or even coming to this world. Will President Kufuor or any African leader tell me that those 7 points raised above are false statements. Will President Kufuor jubilate over the exclusion of President Mugabe from this useless commonwealth society?. Is it not a shame to hear that Ghana has always held a line against Robert Mugabe's rehabilitation, but fears accusations of being called "imperialist lackeys" by Mr Mugabe and breaking the cosy African solidarity among African leaders?. The paper went on to say that: “The division is not as black and white as it appears or Mr Mugabe has tried to paint it. Several African countries, including Ghana, Sierra Leone and Botswana, also want Zimbabwe kept out but do not like to raise their voices. They fear accusations of being called "imperialist lackeys" by Mr Mugabe and breaking the cosy African solidarity among African leaders”. Just listen to what some of these poor countries like Sierra Leone and Botswana are saying. I hope such countries should be referred to their history before opening their mouth to say such things. These are those we call stooges of the commonwealth. Are we Ghanaians so forgetful that it was this same colonial masters who brought woes to our country and deprived us from attaining our full and unconditional independence?. Are we Ghanaians so forgetful to remember that this was the same strategy the imperialist used to get rid of Kwame Nkrumah?. They know that they cannot survive without their colonies and that is why they were so intelligent to form such a useless and hopeless commonwealth union to blackmail the African. What the hell do we need this commonwealth ideology for?. What has this commonwealth done for Ghana and for Africa?. It is said that: Tony Blair has failed to reach Commonwealth agreement on Zimbabwe exclusion. “Tony Blair failed yesterday to get the swift agreement he wanted from other leaders that Zimbabwe would remain suspended from the Commonwealth. The Prime Minister had hoped the issue, which could split the Commonwealth along race lines, would be settled at the opening session of a summit in Nigeria yesterday”. I wish Prime minister Tony Blair can open his mouth and say that the African continent belongs to the British and that he has all the mandate to tell his slaves in Africa what is good for them and what is not good for them. Yes Africa belongs to the British. We should therefore shut up and listen to what our slave masters are saying. Tony Blair says one of their slaves President Mugabe is becoming stubborn and we should help them to do away with him now as the did away diplomatically with Kwame Nkrumah. We the Ghana Social Democratic Movement will never forget this episode in our life. We shall do everything in our powers to radicate imperialism once and for all in Ghana and in Africa as a whole in the near future. This will be either on our own initiative or in alliance with other political parties in Ghana. Africans, let us tell Tony Blair and the Queen of England to go to “HELL” with their commonwealth and leave Africans free forever. Tell them that we will continue to trade with them as we will be trading with other countries all over the world. Let us prove to them that after all the Blackman is capable of managing his own affairs. Let´s tell them that Africa is for the African. Down with imperialism. Down with the Commonwealth. Long live Zimbabwe. Long live Africa. God bless Africa. God bless Ghana. Prince Aidoo Junior (Evangelist) Ghana Social Democrats Germany Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

Prince Junior Aidoo
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