GUBA Enterprise launches the Diaspora Transition Network

By Claudia Andrews
Diaspora News GUBA Enterprise launches the Diaspora Transition Network
AUG 2, 2021 LISTEN

GUBA Enterprise, a social enterprise organisation dedicated to the advancement of diaspora Africans and Africans back home through socio-economic initiatives, has launched a network for African Diasporans living in Ghana known as ‘The Diaspora Transition Network’ (TDT).

The Diaspora Transition Network is a membership based network for African Diasporans and returnees of various heritage currently residing in Ghana. This network will be a community for information sharing, skills exchange, cultural awareness and a space for doing and discussing business.

The aim of The Diaspora Transition Network is to provide assistance on all business and relocation issues faced by Diasporans, to generate solutions to the challenges faced by the diaspora in Ghana, to promote the businesses of members to other Diasporans and to form a community of impact.

This initiative follows from the Diaspora Transition series held by Dentaa Amoateng MBE, President of the GUBA Enterprise. On her online ‘Dentaa Show’ she has interviewed many Diasporans who have shared their experiences and challenges faced since moving to Ghana. The overriding challenge shared by many of the interviewees have been the need for community of like-minded individuals.

Speaking on this new development she adds: Building up the diaspora community in Ghana is incredibly important. We are all aware of the collective power of the diaspora community on the Ghanaian economy. The aim is to therefore achieve a great partnership and working relationship between returnees and the local community, as we work together to improve the way of doing business in Ghana – Dentaa Amoateng MBE

In addition, the GUBA Careers branch under the enterprise have in previous years, held several Diaspora Transition talks and events for individuals looking to relocate to Ghana. This network is a continuation of the work done by the various GUBA branches.

The Diaspora Transition Network will consist of quarterly meetings and sociable events to build a community of like-minded professionals.