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16.12.2020 Feature Article

US Rescinding Sudan's Designation as SST... At Long Last.. Congratulations to Sudan

Mubarak Mahgoub MusaMubarak Mahgoub Musa
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The long-awaited delisting of Sudan from the terrorist list, which was met with wide international and regional welcome and satisfaction, constitutes a significant turning point in the history of Sudan, a good basis for supporting its stability, the recovery of its economy and the prosperity of its people.

In a statement, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the achievement was made possible by the efforts of Sudan’s civilian-led transitional government “to chart a bold new course away from the legacy of the Bashir regime. On his part, Sudan Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok thanked Pompeo and said, “Today we return to the international community with all our history, the civilization of our people, the greatness of our country and the vigor of our revolution.”

In its statement today, Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that the delisting provides better opportunities in support of the Sudanese economy; providing immense impetus to the efforts made to get rid of the burdensome legacy of the former regime, and integrate Sudan again into the global financial and banking system.

The said statement does not overlook to thank the brotherly and friendly countries, the Group of Friends of Sudan, and to the international partners and regional and international organizations that have made valued efforts to encourage the American administration to remove Sudan from the list. In addition to the great role played to that end, by the Sudanese communities in diaspora; the Sudanese community in the United States of America in particular, for its patriotic and considerable contributions.

The statement praised as well the constructive cooperation between officials and negotiation delegations in the two countries and the tireless work that culminated in such historic step, which will open new horizons for fruitful cooperation between Sudan and the United States for the benefit of their peoples and humanity at large.

It shall be difficult to enumerate here all the possible consequences of such a step on the Sudanese economy; including but not limited to, bringing to an end 27 years of various forms of sanctions and boycotts by the American and international companies, thus speeding up its reintegration into the regional and international economic system, helping to expand the movement of trade exchange with the world, the flow of transfers through banks, which facilitates the recovery of export revenues and the flow of remittance from millions of Sudanese nationals working abroad, and the entry of foreign direct investment in its various forms. it equally helps effectively in addressing Sudan's external debts and the flow of concessional financing and grants to Sudan.

Even from the humanitarian aspect, and as the Prime Minister Dr. Hamdok pointed out at his press conference yesterday; the delisting marks likewise an end to the otherwise prolonged suffering and stifling restrictions imposed selectively on innocent Sudanese citizens at airports and elsewhere, owing solely to their country's classification as a sponsor of terrorism.

Despite the awaited myriad benefits Sudan Minister of Information faisal Mohammed Salih, has concurred on his part, with many Sudanese economic experts who kept on warning that lifting sanctions alone will not be a panacea to the complex Sudanese economic problems; and that even the flood of loans and aid does not represent a magic solution to the accumulated economic problems, and therefore the priority for the Sudanese government is to reform economic structures and provide accurate plans for economic recovery and advancement.

In its congratulatory statement to the Sudanese people, and referring to the long, arduous and complicated legal negotiations led by a capable Sudanese team, Sudan’s Ministry of Justice has pointed out that Sudan is stepping today with great confidence and hope towards restoring its legal status within the United States as a normal country that enjoys all the sovereign and legal privileges; and to that effect, the understandings with the US administration, shall continue in the same spirit to achieve this objective.

Indeed, this historic event has timely succeeded in restoring hope and causing happiness to the otherwise already exhausted Sudanese people, however, the delisting personally means a lot to the author of this article, who pulled up his sleeves writing and publishing dozens of articles in international media, campaigning - with no despair- for ending these prolonged sanctions and featuring inter alia, its devastating effects on the Sudanese economy and all aspects of life of the innocent ordinary citizen. What special day!