Henry Herbert Lartey

Dr. Henry Herbert Lartey is Flagbearer of the Great Consolidated Popular Party, a champion for the economic improvement of the people of Ghana, and an inspired Pan-Africanist and visionair with hopes for a United Africa. Since becoming leader of the G.C.P.P., Henry has begun travelling across every corner of Ghana, listening to the stories and the experiences of the People, talking to them about their hopes, dreams and expectations for the future. It is the same interactive approach he has taken during his long career as a scholar, business man, and as a leading Black executive on the world stage. Deep Agricultural Roots Agriculture is a cornerstone within the Ghanaian economy, and strategic placement of agricultural exports has always been a major source of domestic revenue. Since 1987, Henry has been the chief executive officer at Lartey Associates Ghana Ltd., which is a leading exporter of fruits to European markets. Under Henry's leadership, Lartey Associates has received innumerable awards of recognition, and has helped place Ghana as a top provider of fruits to Europe. Some of the earned awards include: GOLDEN AWARD FOR QUALITY AND BUSINESS PRESTIGE (GENEVE 2007), International Golden Trophy for Quality New Millennium Award (Paris 2006), WQC International Star Awards in the Gold Category (Paris 2005), Golden Award for Quality and Business Prestige (Beirut 2002), Ghana Export Promotion Council Award (1999, 2000, and 2002). Prior to being a leading fruit exporter, Henry was based in the United Kingdom where he was a manager at Royal Life Assurance PLC which is one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Henry's success in the assurance industry was such that he qualified as a member of the Million Dollar Round Table in 1983, which represents the membership of the top 1% of industry participants world-wide. Strong Political Family Background Henry was raised in a politically active household. He is the Eldest son of the late Dan Lartey, who was founder and leader of the Great Consolidated Popular Party. His father was not only a veteran Pan-Africanist but also the exponent of Ghana Industrialisation, and the propounder of the concept of DOMESTICATION; his father was also the main architect of the OPERATION FEED YOUSELF during the General I.K.Acheampong regime (1972-1978). His mother, Ms. Sarah Rosetta Lartey (nee Malm), has always been a strong community female activist and advocate for the DOMESTICATION ideas espoused by her husband. Henry was born at Osu,Christianborg, Accra on the 13th of February 1954, and was named after his grandfather, the late Henry Herbert Malm MBE who was Assistant Colonial Secretary/Deputy Governor (1932-1947). A Man of Values Henry's commitment to African liberation values and the economic improvement of his people has defined him throughout his career: from his undergraduate years at the University of the West of England to his postgraduate MBA work at the University of Bath, or from his first career as a financial consultant at Brookdale-Hutton Brokerage in Cardiff to his leadership at Lartey Associates and the dynamic career that followed. Henry has been a leading advocate for human rights, democracy, and international law, and has been recognized by the black community and around the world for his leadership and scholarship. Henry reinvested the full of his foreign earning to assist in the funding of his father's political career. He did this with the hope of political change at home, the manifestation of democratic principles, and in the fight for the economic improvement of the people of Ghana.