13.02.2020 Feature Article

Are We Keeping A Close Eye On Happenstances Around Our Neighborhood? 

Are We Keeping A Close Eye On Happenstances Around Our Neighborhood?
13.02.2020 LISTEN

Whilst Burkina Faso continues to witness an increase in attacks, ours should be to take proactive measures immediately and not wait to be taken by surprise then we will engage in reactive firefighting approaches.

Almost immediately, sensitization of the locals along the borders with our northern neighbor Burkina Faso should not only be seen as a matter of high priority but as a necessary immediate measure to create awareness and alertness.

Apart from sensitizing to constantly be on the lookout for strange characters and report them immediately to the Secu cum Intel agencies, we should also cultivate and maintain enough reliable informants as possible who will provide us with around the clock info as possible to help us in our analysis and strategy.

Right now, we should have no doubt in our minds that those terrorists who have attacked villages in Burkina Faso in recent times which are in close proximity to our territory may likely be operating from our soil considering that most terror attack usually is planned from outside of the target areas and executed when everything is set.

Beyond relying on locals along the borders, we can also deploy effective surveillance systems in the form of human or technological or a hybrid of both to constantly monitor movements of suspicious people.

From where I sit, I believe our surveillance Ability is not in doubt and we are capable of figuring out ways to keep our territories safe.

Whilst we are keeping close eagle eyes on our frontiers, it is important to reinforce those areas with more boats and arms, ammo and logistics on close to the ground as much as possible just in case of anything untoward then we can have a rapid-fire response to defuse and repel them.

There is no other time than now for us to have more collaboration and real-time sharing of information between all the agencies of state constitutionally responsible for our collective security and well being as a nation.

Our people say that when your neighbour's house is on fire, you need to fetch water and let it be as close as possible to you. We have witnessed an increase in recent times attacks in Burkina Faso especially in villages that are so close to our borders.

This calls for a concerted doubling of our counterterrorism efforts to ward off potential miscreants from breaching the peace and security we enjoy.

Before I retire to my bed to rest for a few moments, I want to conclude that; in today's world, personal and national security protection has become an important concern for all nations of the world. With robbery, terrorism, burglary and other malicious practices being on the rise, security needs to be enforced at all levels for a healthy living. Every country needs to have a strong security force that aids in keeping a lookout for enemies and averting any negative events from occurring. Even computers are loaded with a virus protection and security system to ward off unnecessary damages.

Let's keep our anti-virus softwares especially in these strange times up to date so that we don't regret the crushing of the only computer we have which is peaceful Ghana known globally as an oasis of peace in a turbulent subregion.

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