WordDigest2020: Lessons Before The Birth Of Samson (1) Are You God's Plan?

Feature Article WordDigest2020: Lessons Before The Birth Of Samson 1 Are You God's Plan?
FEB 8, 2020 LISTEN

"And there was a certain man of Zorah, of the family of the Danites, whose name was Manoah; and his wife was barren, and bare not.

And the angel of the LORD appeared unto the woman and said unto her, Behold now, thou art barren, and bearest not: but thou shalt conceive, and bear a son.

Now therefore beware, I pray thee, and drink not wine nor strong drink, and eat not any unclean thing:

For, lo, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son; and no razor shall come on his head: for the child shall be a Nazarite unto God from the womb: and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines" - Judges 13:1-5 KJV

After the people of Israel had done evil in the sight of the Lord, so the Lord gave them into the hand of the Philistines for forty years.

One major issue that characterised God's people according to the text under discussion was unholiness.

It could be in those untoward experiences from the hand of the Philistines, the Israelites needed someone to rescue them.

Once again God heard their woes and predestined a rescuer for His people. There are some lessons we can glean from this topic.

1. God's grace and mercies abound for all.
2. Holiness should be practised in walking with God.

3. God in heaven knows our short comings and way forward.

4. God has placed a rescuer or divine helper in our way.

5. No situation before God is permanent.
6. The strength of a message from an angel of God lies in its visitation.

7. Every encounter with angel of God comes with a direction." ...... and drink no wine or strong drink, and eat nothing unclean" Judges 13:4

8. Every prophetic declaration from God through His angels comes with a direction. ".............. No razor shall come upon his head......." Judges 13:5

9. Everyone has a divine purpose. "............ and he shall be in to save Israel from the hand of the Philistines" -Judges 13:5

Beloved in all things are you God's plan?
To be continued...
Dear Lord, thank you so much for this insight. Holy Spirit lead me to know and do your will now and ever in Jesus' mighty name, Amen

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