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28.01.2020 Feature Article

Punishment Awaits You For The Late Distribution of Our Ambulances

Punishment Awaits You For The Late Distribution of Our Ambulances
LISTEN JAN 28, 2020

This is all that President Akuffo Addo had been waiting for - the usual partying that comes with the commissioning of our ambulances.

After waiting and watching Ghanaians die out of avoidable deaths. After witnessing some of our sisters, mothers and aunties labor and deliver in the back of tricycles in our various constituencies, etc. You are here now commissioning just for cheap political gains. We shall neither say thank nor clap for you but rather punish you for not prioritizing our needs.

President Akufo Addo had no shame. He shamelessly took part in consoling families of those involved in the fatal crash on the Cape Coast-Takoradi highway. The death toll could have been reduced if the ambulances had been distributed without waiting for this so-called commissioning.

Someone should tell our President that these kinds of political gimmicks shall not work on a much more enlightened Ghanaians in this day and age. Again, we are enlightened than he thinks.

Anyway, in this era of unprecedented corruption been witnessed under President Akuffo Addo, how much did this so-called commissioning of the ambulances cost us? Maybe this is yet another scheme to siphon our monies. Because with team 123 led by President Akuffo Addo, anything is possible.

Do not be surprised when you get punished come December 2020.

I shall return.

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