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An Introspection Letter To My Beloved Feminist

Indigenous culture and love at risk to modern feminism
An Introspection Letter To My Beloved Feminist
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Dear Feminist,
Lately, you went to town and re-ignited your somewhat dormant treachery that you’ve come to be identified with, which left me heartbroken, my love. The other day, our neighbor hinted me that you seem to have metamorphosed from gender inequality ideologist, since your inception in 1974 to an antagonistic swagger towards me, as if to say I was your enemy. You argued publicly that I have failed to give you ‘freedom’ and that I was the cause of your ‘predicament’.

Be that as it may, didn’t we grow together in the same compound, when each of us was given a role of his or her own? How is it that you have come to be dissatisfied with your status? The other day, Oga went to Oyebo’s land and off-shot your antics, thinking that he was engaging you with the hope of encouraging you to come forth with a sense of self-will, determination, and self-worth. Apparently, Oga miscalculated your unstable temperament and you capitalized on his gullibility and went on a rampage in the neighborhood, adding me to your targets for vitriolic with no restrains. Hmmm!

Now that you seem to have calmed down, I feel we should hopefully come to terms with the situation.

Dear Feminist yeei! When did we become enemies at all? We grow up supporting one another, didn’t we? And I was told to shepherd the flock and chase the intruder, and you were tasked to bring firewood and water home. I was asked to go fend off attacks whenever there was one, in order that you and mother will not be smuggled out of our ancient hut. You, on the other hand, blended the moonlight with a beautiful dance of “1000 beads in my waist” while I drummed. We proclaimed the subtle voice of love, beauty, and tranquility. We were quite a pair; envied by the evil eye, yet adored by the gods. You played your part and I played mine. I have always loved you and protected you as much as you cared for me in the comfort of our milieu. Of course, there were times I wasn’t as excited with you, just as you’re not so happy with me now, but that did not change our status then.

Now that you request to be treated like me and probably, I like you, will you be needing my protection, sacrifice, and love? Do you really want to go shepherding at the risk of lions and hyenas just for the sake of wanting to be like me, and should I stop watching over your back?. My love, how do you expect that I’ll get to experience your silky moves that glided the land surface in the company of cymbals? Sincerely I feel your sudden dissatisfaction is ill-motivated and will hurt our natural instincts, ability, and affection, inertly embodied in us by the creator.

I’m confused, my dear. Totally confused. Kindly clarify your position to me and let me know how you want me to position myself in anticipation of your new demeanor.

Sincerely yours

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