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11.05.2019 Feature Article

To the mothers out there

To the mothers out there

Time flies as the adage goes, indeed it does, it seems like yesterday nineteen years ago (the year 2000), when as young boy I refused my mother’s quest for me to run an errand for her; unusual of her on that rainy Wednesday afternoon she did not utter a word neither any action, I had things my way that afternoon thinking there would be no repercussions but, my siblings leaked to me a plan by mum to refer my case to the “supreme court”(my father) when he returns, I was shaken to the bones knowing Armageddon(punishment) was just some few hours away.

True to their words, my father received news of my stubbornness and judgement was indeed delivered, the cane did the talking and my body did the hearing, but what really made that day special and memorable was when my mum interrupted the judgement (canning) telling my dad to cease the whole process, “she had forgiven me” and immediately took me a safe place from my father advising and warned me not to repeat same. Mothers are special, they are full of mercy, they care and will go the distance to keep their children safe; these thoughts come to mind anytime I remember this day.

Every being(living or not) has come out through the pain of mothers from birth through to upbringing, the stress and the sleepless nights they go through during pregnancy and after delivery; some years back as a national service personnel in one of the hospitals in Accra, as I strolled through the premises with a nurse one afternoon, I heard from some 60metres ahead a shout (a painful one) from one of the hospital’s facilities; I curiously asked what was happening in that building and was told it is the maternity ward and delivery was ongoing, that was first time I heard the cry of a woman during delivery I was shocked, stunned and did not believe what I was hearing. Is this what they go through? God help our women I quizzed and told myself.

Indeed our mothers go through a lot, in our part of the world countless women have lost their lives as a result of the pain and stress during pregnancy and birth, I heard a story of a woman who went blind after delivery, it is sad; I wish women would deliver without any pain.

In this day and age in our world (Ghana to be specific), it is sad to note that we have not been able to tackle the issue of maternal mortality to its fullest, yes efforts may have been put in place by the state and health authorities but I believe we have a long task ahead in this direction. Most hospitals are always short of facilities to cater for the large numbers of pregnant women; rural clinics are worse off.

Authorities need to expand existing facilities in the capital and improve health facilities in the rural areas to ensure some comfort for our women during delivery.

As we celebrate our mothers, I join in saying a big happy mother’s day to all the hardworking women who have shaped our lives from infancy to adulthood, for those who have passed may they continue to rest in peace knowing we the living shall always honor their memories.

To my mother Madam Dora Owusu Yeboah, thank you for saving me from punishment severally, my young self is eternally grateful, and to all mothers worldwide, happy mother’s day.

Abraham Ofori Gyebi
Abraham Ofori Gyebi, © 2019

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