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How Does iPoll Work? A Brief Primer

...Ipoll Surveys Are Of Two Broad Categories.
By S. Kwame Ofori Appiah
How Does iPoll Work? A Brief Primer
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Individuals and organisations can use the iPoll infrastructure to conduct their surveys. For example, a student undertaking academic research can use iPoll to conduct the interviews that they'd normally have to travel around to do. Similarly, a company can use iPoll to conduct market research, product testing or elicit customer feedback.

For surveys of this nature, the questions, time period and structure of the survey is determined by the individual or institution that is doing the research. We merely provide our platform to enable them solicit views from our users. After the poll, we present the results along with the statistical analysis to the clients for their use.

- Then there are polls organised by iPoll to determine the direction of public opinion on matters of interest or significance these could be about the economy, social policy, arts and culture, business and of course, politics. For these ones, we take full and independent responsibility. We also have a system to ensure rigour and integrity.

Qestions for the survey are set by the iPoll team. These questions are then presented to a number of academics and professionals for their analysis. We do this to ensure that the questions are properly framed so that we elicit true and honest views from respondents.

After the questions have been vetted and approved, they are made available on the app and the website for respondents to take the survey. When the set time elapses, the data is analysed by expert statisticians. This is when we are able to accurately determine the weight of various views and the dispersal among various demographics. A full report is then prepared and made available for dissemination.

iPoll is not meant to promote or defend any views or the organisations that hold them. It is completely independent and merely here to collect, analyse and provide for the information of the public, the mood and nature of opinions among Ghanaians.

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