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The People And The Police - Who Are They?

The People And The Police - Who Are They?
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The people are citizens of the country, especially when considered in relation to those who govern them. The people choose those who govern them through elections. They choose the parliamentarians who make laws that are used to govern the society in which they live for there to be law and order.

For there to exist proper and order, there must be a set of people from amongst the people (society) whose duty is to ensure that they enforce the very same laws that which are passed by the representatives of the people in parliament.

The people who enforce these laws are not don't fall from mars, jupiter or venus. They come from amongst the very people who are always quick to hold their feet up to the fire anytime they falter or make mistakes in the course of doing the very duties that this same society has sent them to go and carry out for and on their behalf.

They are called police officers. They come from the very communities, towns, villages, cities and homes. They come to work for the people only to return to them after a short time in service. Whilst they are working for they people, they are called police officers and when they return to the people and take off their uniforms; they are seen as part of the people.

Their only crime usually is the fact that they represent their own people to ensure that laws that their representatives pass in the house of legislature are followed and obeyed.

A police officer, also known variously in Ghana as an officer, "koti" "Aban"policeman, policewoman, cop, or" One GH" by people who like to play mischief is a warranted law employee of a police service.

A warranted officer means that he has or she has certain powers especially of arrest that is not available to other citizens except in special circumstances that they can also make citizens arrest.

Police officers are generally charged with the duty to apprehend criminals, prevention of and detection of crime, protection people, property both public and private, and assistance of the general public, in the maintenance of public order. Police officers swear to oaths, and have the power to arrest people and detain them for a limited time, normally up to 48hrs along with other duties and powers.

So you see? The people, the same society, and the same communities that sent the police officer to represent them enforce the very laws passed by their representatives, are the very people who break these laws. Doesn't this explain why the people and their police are always neck on neck?

I cannot continue please else the same people who sent me who love to break laws will come for my neck.

Lets end it here and let there be mutual respect between the people and the police. Let the police respect the rights of the people, and let the people accord the police the needed support and respect to represent them well in their uniforms so that at the end of their duty tour, they and the people will live in peace.

Mohammed Abdul Hanan EL-Saeed
Police Headquarters
[email protected]

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