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Opinion | Jun 23, 2018

The Leadership Of The National Chief Imam Attracts Goodness And Support From Resourceful People

The National Chief Imam and the head of Zylofon
The National Chief Imam and the head of Zylofon

The National Chief Imam of Ghana, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu seems to be a topmost spiritual leader in Ghana, Africa and the world at large. Among the teeming men of God Imam’s Pastors’ Prophets, he has many following not only among Muslims but non-Muslims particularly Christians and all, he seems to have a good support. The reason for this huge image for Sheikh Sharubutu is simple. The 96-year-old Islamic cleric and philanthropist is quite approachable, kind hearted and father of all. He does not only lead Muslims in prayers daily, weekly, on Fridays and annually at ‘Eid al fitr and adha but he is a preacher and teacher who teaches Muslims to unite, love one another and embrace non-Muslims as well in Ghana and worldwide as humans who are all God’s creation.

A visit to his home will explain why the elderly man is a true leader. Muslims Christians and others go to his Fadama home daily and at all times for various requirements. Some go to consult him for prayers for spiritual needs while others go there to seek support towards their education. Some needy people around his home and from neighboring countries take refuge in his home for shelter and food and financial support. As a result of the importance he attaches to the needs of the people the Chief Imam has set up an education fund known as the Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu Education Fund [SONSETFUND] . Under the chairmanship of Sheikh Mustapha Ibrahim of ICODEHS, the organization has done a lot by sponsoring the education of many Muslim students from the lowest to the highest levels. Currently thousands of students are enjoying support at tertiary levels under the students’ loans schemes. SONSETFUND is the guarantor to all the students some of whom have completed their courses and are working to support themselves and families. We are not surprised that many individuals and organizations are providing support to Muslim needy students through the National Chief Imam periodically making it possible for them to be educated. The latest to provide help is the head of Zylofon media who also sponsors the local soccer league and other bodies

The President of Zylofon Group of Companies, Nana Appiah Mensah, personally donated GH¢1 million as seed money for the setting up of a Sheikh Nuhu Osman Sharubutu Education Fund to support the education of bright but needy Muslims in Ghana.

Mr. Mensah made the announcement when the Chief Imam paid a working visit to the offices of Zylofon to thank him for the support he gave to the various needy Muslims communities during the holy month of Ramadan.

He was accompanied by some leading members of the Muslim community in Ghana, including Chief Abdul Kadir Tahiru, leader of the Council of Muslim Chiefs.

Citing the time he spent living among Muslims in the country, Mr Mensah said he realised that lack of financial support hampered the progress of several needy but intelligent Muslims he grew up with.

He said with the fund in place, several brilliant but needy Muslims will receive support which will facilitate their transformation and position them to cater for their families and help develop the country.

“I grew up in Muslim neighborhoods like Sukura and Kasoa and to see that some of my Muslim friends could not go far with their education because of financial problems, we thought an initiative like this could be our small support to help some of our needy brothers in the Muslim and Zongo communities,” said Nana Appiah Mensah, who was bedecked in a beautiful Islamic robe.

“I have no doubt in my mind that a lot of these young, intelligent but needy Muslims will not only help to uplift their families but will also contribute to the development of Ghana in the future.

“We all know the role the His Eminence the National Chief Imam has played in Ghana over the years in fostering peace and unity, and with an initiative like this in his name, I am sure, is a step in the right direction.

“We shall be providing GH¢1 million as seed money for the fund. I will not stop here. I will also encourage the businesses I know and my friends who are also businessmen to also contribute to the fund in order to take care of more people.

“I want to thank the National Chief Imam and his Council of Muslim chiefs for the prayers for the country over the years and during the recent holy month of Ramadan for praying for peace in Ghana.”

Responding, the National Chief Imam praised Nana Appiah Mensah for his good works in the country, insisting that Allah will surely reward him.

“Allah has said in the Holy Quran that the recompense for people who do good in society is good returns so I have no doubt that Allah will reward him for the attention he pays to the needy,” the Chief Imam said.

“We know what Nana Appiah Mensah has been doing for humanity and an initiative like this can also enhance his standing among the people favored by Allah.

“We came here to thank him for what we heard he did for many needy Muslims during the Ramadan and he has come up with this vision to offer more help. May Allah reward him abundantly.”

This gesture by the Boss of Zylofon group is indeed good and timely. According to the leadership of SONSETFUND and other leaders working closely with the National Chief Imam, the Zylofon team deserve commendation. It is the intention of all those people a delegation must be put together to go and pay a visit to the head of the Zylofon team and to bestow on him an honor to him for his contribution to the needy so far. That would encourage him to do more to the needy in the society and entice people like him to held the Muslims and the needy in Ghana.

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