Modern Day Slavery: Blame Our Leaders And Not The Libyans

Feature Article Modern Day Slavery: Blame Our Leaders And Not The Libyans
NOV 30, 2017 LISTEN

We talk about the slavery in Libya without talking about the cause of slavery in modern day society. Steve Biko once said “The most potent tool in the hand of the oppressor is the mindset of the oppressed”.

I can't blame Libya nor the Libyans much on this recent atrocity for visiting past humanitarian and uncultured practice on their fellow African brothers. The unfortunate incidence of modern day slavery can be attributed to the mistake of our leaders 10 to 20 years ago if they had tackled key macroeconomic challenges including unemployment and poverty that is crippling most societies and the economy at large.

But we fail to ask the question, what really contributes to immigration. Migrants leave their country to elsewhere partly because they feel insatiable in their home country.

Secondly, unemployment has being the major factor causing these migrants to flee from their land of comfortability to a place they have no idea about. In as much as our leaders didn't play their part in solving key macroeconomic issues is the underlining factor to what we are witnessing in Libya and elsewhere today..

In Libya today, there are countless number of Ghanaian and Nigerian immigrants. These are the two countries with key macroeconomic challenges including unemployment. Let's tackle this issue from the root and not the fruit. Thank you

Writer: Emmanuel De-Graft Quarshie