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Apostle Paul Caught Plagiarizing Greek Philosophers in His Epistles of the New Testament!!

Apostle Paul Caught Plagiarizing Greek Philosophers in His Epistles of the New Testament!!
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Part I
The most shocking experience in my life, ever, was when I stumbled upon irrefutable evidence that, Paul (Saul), the great apostle of the New Testament of the “HolyBible, plagiarized the works of Greek philosopher Plato (427-327 BCE) and Aeschylus (525-456 BCE) in writings attributed to him (Paul) in the New Testament!

This evidence almost shattered me completely to the point of being incapable of mending myself—for, all I once believed of the English Bible as being a holy Word that came out from the mouth of the Most High One, all I ever hoped to achieve by my faith and obedience to the English Bible, and all I believed and hoped for in a new Heaven and Earth to come, were all endangered by this evidence!!

For, what is the relevance of the English Bible, specifically its New Testament section, for the salvation of mankind if it never originated from Yahuwah Elohiym as had hitherto been accepted and believed by many all over Earth to be His instructions meant to save sinful mankind from the power and dominion of sin and the devil??

Now, any accusation of plagiarizing the works of other people made against a man of no mean stature and status of apostleship as Paul—which is not to surmise that the Greek-based word apostle, and its kind such as bishop, evangelist, pastor, and prophet, are holy words in and of the salvation message of Yahuwah Elohiym—if proven to be so, must be very evil news for Christians worldwide!

Before I proceed further in my task of nailing Apostle Paul guilty of plagiarism, I'd like to note something that occurred in Ghana recently. If you lived with me in Ghana in January 2017 and were an active reader of features articles, news reports, and speeches made by politicians that were published in either print or electronic media, the high probability is that you would by now have been very much educated and informed on the meanings of the words plagiarize and plagiarism!!

Some time ago in Ghana, these words seemed to be associated more with academicians than politicians; but thanks to some political discourses that were led by politicians which immediately erupted in Ghana on January 7, 2017, ordinary people like me too have had our personal lexicons of English words enriched with these words, with credit to these political discourses, and are blessed to know what they mean and what hurt and or harm they can do to anyone's integrity or reputation; in much the same way as academicians and politicians do!

So then, be not surprised when I too, an ordinary citizen of the Republic of Ghana would seem bold enough to even use them as I have in the above caption to this article of mine in order to draw attention to a very serious spiritual issue that portends grave consequences for all salvation seekers of bible persuasion!!

My use of the word “plagiarizing”, I am sure, will further popularize it among my compatriots, especially those of Christian clergy fraternities and their teeming flocks of sheep (and goats??) as well! This must be so, in view of the perceived spiritual stature and persona of the Apostle Paul in and to Christianity, who now stands accused and condemned by this write-up as having involved himself in plagiarism in his epistles or letters to Christians of his day!!

Now, in view of the fact that Apostle Paul is such a huge spiritual colossus to and of the Christian religion, who is also held in high honor by today's Christians, a charge of plagiarism made against him concerning any part of his many letters in the New Testament must be clearly and forcefully proven, or else his accuser will not escape the wrath of Christians worldwide!

However, if proven that Apostle Paul who is a back bone to Christian teachings and doctrines, and one who exemplifies that faith, indeed plagiarized the works of “unholy” Greek philosophers while feigning that his epistles were to be received as the word of Yahuwah Elohiym by those he wrote them for, then everything about Christianity MUST go up in a puff of unholy smoke; maybe, in the same manner as of a thick black smoke rising into the atmosphere from out of the chimney of the Sistine Chapel, which is normally meant to signify the breakup or end of the gathering of Cardinals in a secret Conclave to elect a new Pope for the Catholic church whenever the need arises, and as having found one at last!!

So, then, dear reader, don't you worry at all about my own integrity for making such allegations against the “saintly” apostle, no matter how wild you may think them to be; for, I have irrefutable evidence for you about how the popular St. Paul plagiarized the philosophical works of Plato, Aristotle and Aeschylus!!

Three years ago is when I started my scathing campaign against Christianity at the instance of Yahuwah Elohiym—my Av (Father) and Creator of the universe—with His assurance to me that Christianity would ultimately be crushed and pulverized into dust to be blown away by winds from the four corners of the Earth!

With very little knowledge about the wise ways of the Most High One available to me even at the time, I can sincerely say I am blessed today to have progressed steadily and increasingly in my knowledge and wisdom of the ways of Yahuwah Elohiym, and have been correcting myself along the way, and will continue to take delight in being always and constantly corrected by Him so as to remain relevant and useful to His cause.

In view of all of this, I deem this article as heralding a coming celebration of victory in the war to see the back of Christianity; and, hopefully, as also heralding my own joy in eventually receiving a reward for my dedication and commitment to the work of HaAv (the Father) from Him.

For those reading this article who are used to my articles that are published in this column of mine on the Modern Ghana internet site, my purpose has been clear all along—which is, to let evil Christianity go packing—and that, unmistakably, my source of strength, zeal and passion have been evident to have always come from Yahuwah Elohiym.

All what you may read from my detractors, all of whom may hold a lofty PhD (Pull him Down Degree), inferring from their posts or comments to my articles when they read them, arise from the fact that they do not have in them Ruwakh HaQuodesh (who is the only true and genuine spirit of wisdom and understanding given to holy servants of Yahuwah Elohiym) to be able to counter my writings! For failing to do so because they accept their own inadequacies at shooting down my faith, they decide to attack my person!! I pray that this article will teach them to fight ideas and not personalities; and warn them to stop their persecutions of holy workers of Yahuwah Elohiym.

Part II
Before I delve directly into this plagiarism issue that I am accusing St. Paul of, let me say that I feel strongly vindicated by the many articles I have been publishing in this column, especially those since 2014, which specifically are directed against Christianity and announcing its coming end.

I wish to draw the attention of readers to some of these titles and also provide the internet links to them so that readers may be refreshed by yet another read of them. They are as follows:

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Maybe, this set of five articles cited here, all of which were published within the space of six months in one year, are enough to make readers see the urgency with which Christianity must be done away with! However, many more of my articles dealing with this cancer of deception called Christianity have been published in this column and readers may only have to locate them through a simple search via the link in order to read them for their edification, spiritual uplifting and or warning!

Now to the mystery of plagiarism which St. Paul is accused of! But, first of all, let us look at who Paul was. Sadly, very little is known of him and all we learn about him come from only the New Testament!

In the New Testament, we learn that his birth took place in Tarsus (cf. Acts 22:3)! His father's name is unknown except to say he (father) was a Hebrew (Ivrim??) of the tribe of Binyamin!! Whether this is true or false, no one can determine!! Strangely, his mother's name is also unknown, except to say she was a Roman citizen!

If we accept these as facts, Paul then would have had a dual citizenship according to the ways of mankind today—claiming to be a Hebrew (cf. Acts 23:6, Second Corinthians 11:22, Philippians 3:5) and a Roman (cf. Acts 22:25-29, 23:27) in one life and at the same time—and thus could switch from one citizenship to the other to his advantage whenever it seemed prudent and beneficial to him in any circumstances he found himself, as if to enjoy one feast in Yisroel and then later on another in Rome depending on time and his appetite!!

We also learn that St. Paul had a sister who lived in YahuSalem in the days of his “conversion” to a repentant life from murdering the people of Yahuwah Elohiym and who brought forth a son who was thus a nephew to him; and that this nephew was later to save his (Paul's) life!—cf. Acts 23:16. But whatever was this sister's name, her husband's or that of this nephew, no one knows today! Did the great apostle, St. Paul, have any brothers? We simply don't know! Seems to me like St. Paul was a mystery man!!

We learn he was a member of the sect of Perushim (Pharisees??) and that he was in his youthful days a student under one supposed teacher of the Towrah by name Gamali'El; and also that he (Paul) was a devout loyalist to the Towrah (cf. Acts 26:5).

Let us stop here, maybe not to even go beyond these sketchy details about the man in our investigation about him, to make inferences from the foregoing about him in order to determine whether he was qualified to be called to do any holy work for Yahuwah Elohiym and for His people, the children of Yisroel!

You see, no true son of Yisroel is permitted by the Tanakh to have a dual citizenship; and neither is any woman permitted to cling on to the citizenship of Yisroel if she decides to marry any man of the Goyim (Gentile nations)! In fact, the Tanakh forbade and still forbids today any man or woman of Yisroel from marrying a Goy!

And so, in so far as marriages between any sons or daughters of Yisroel to Goyim were and are still forbidden, any children born to spouses in any such illegal unions MUST be determined to be illegitimate, outrightly, and could never stand before the holy Yahuwah Elohiym of Yisroel! Such a child had no place in any family of Yisroel and was an abominable person, without any spiritual value as to ever be considered for use in the service of Yahuwah Elohiym and of Yisroel!

This is the reason why the seed of Esau has no place in Yisroel, since he chose to plant his seed in the unholy daughters of the Hittites—cf. Bereshiyt (Genesis??) 27:46 and 28:8-9.

You probably would know that, if Saul and his Roman mother had lived in the days when the children of Yisroel returned home under the leadership of Ezra from slavery to Persia, through the benevolence of king Cyrus, they would both have been forcefully sent away, compelled to be banished forever out of the jurisdiction of Yisroel by their Binyamin father/husband, according to Towrah demands and actions of holy zealots for the Towrah like ShekhanYahu (Shechaniah??) and Ezra—cf. Ezra 10:10:1-44!!

It is therefore strange to have Saul become a bona fide member of the Perushim membership, a group of people who together with him claimed to be hyper zealous of the Towrah; unless it was that these Perushim only paid lip service to the Towrah and instead held more to their own takanot, that are their man-made rules and traditions, thus swaying them over and above the Towrah!

The little worm that teacher Gamal'El and leaders of the Perushim should have seen in Paul, and to slay by not welcoming him into their presence, they failed to see and instead chose to teach him the ways of Yahuwah Elohiym, as if ignorant of what a sow bathed in clean water would do immediately afterwards at the least opportunity!

So, Paul has become a huge monster today to eternally haunt seekers of a salvation that is prepared for only true descendants of Avraham—the father of all Yisroel—simply because he was permitted to eat at a table of holy people when he was not qualified to do so!

Part III
Now, let us look at the specific references in the New Testament that are proven to be plagiarized works of Greek philosophers by Paul in his letters to Christians of his day!

In First Corinthians 9:24a, Paul writes: “Know ye not that they which run in a race run all but one receiveth the price?”—KJV. In this verse, and indeed in all his teachings in his letters, Paul claims he received all his ideas by inspiration and revelation from Yahuwah Elohiym through His Ruwakh HaQuodesh (or did he say Holy Spirit??)—cf. Galatians 1:11-12.

However, Plato who lived many centuries before Paul said almost these same words of Paul in his description of races and prices won by athletes during his (Plato's) day! Listen to Plato in his philosophical work titled “The Republic”: “But such as are true racers, arriving at the end, both receive the prices and are crowned”. Like seriously? Isn't that shocking since Paul seems to be repeating the same words after Plato??

At this juncture, I'd love to quote Paul's actual words recorded in Galatians 1:11-12 here for easy reference: “But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man. For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ”.

Well, I am simply dumbfounded!! Is Apostle Paul a common plagiarizer or a liar or both?? Someone help me catch my breath!

In Romans 8:6, Paul writes: “For to be carnally minded is death; . . .”. But again, long before Paul was on Earth and knew how he may receive revelation and inspiration from Yahuwah Elohiym, as he claimed he did to enable him to write supposed holy letters to salvation seekers, Plato had written in his work titled Phaedo that “to be carnally-minded was death”!!

In Philippians 1:21, Paul writes: “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain”. However, Plato, ahead of Paul, in his work titled Apology of Socrates depicting the death of Socrates, wrote: “Now if death is like this, I say to die is gain”.

The question to ask is: In and by these quotes, who is inspired by the Most High One to write them? By the way, is any one of these writers, Plato or Paul, inspired by the Most High One at all??

In First Corinthians 13:12, Paul says: “For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face.” This too, Paul claims to have been inspired by the Most High One to write, and thus gives the impression of its originality to himself!

But strangely, Plato again in his work, Phaedo, had said almost the same words long before Paul! Listen to Plato: “I am very far from admitting that he who contemplates existences through the medium of thought, sees them only through a glass, darkly, any more than he would see them in their working effects”.

In First Thessalonians 5:15, Paul writes: See that none render evil for evil unto any man. But again, Plato had much earlier on, in his work titled Citro, said: “Then we ought not to retaliate or render evil to anyone, whatever evil we may have suffered from him.” See?? So then, who is who??

Finally, let me add that the phrase “kick against the pricks” as found in Acts 26:14, where it is recorded as part of a report by Paul of an encounter he claimed to have had with another who is said in that same report to have mentioned his name as Jesus and who also uttered it (the phrase), cannot be correct or true! The phrase “kick against the pricks” was first attributed to Aeschylus (525-456 BCE) in his play titled Agamemnon, in which he said: “Peace—kick not thus against the pricks, unto thy proper pain!”

In all of these references, it must be understood that almost all scholars and theologians of the New Testament writings believe they were originally written in Greek and never in Hebrew, contrary to what some of us have thought would have been the case. So then, a comparison of the works of Paul and Plato, Aristotle or any Greek writer, with the New Testament written in Greek should not encounter any discrepancies since they have a common language, Greek, as their base.

Dear reader, this is the apostle Paul for you; a plagiarizer. With this naked plagiarism, being the sin committed by no mean a man of Christianity as St. Paul, which Christians following him and his teachings can claim to have the salvation of Yahuwah Elohiym?? Can someone help me?? Is Christianity not yet over??

Let me tell you something I heard that intrigued me greatly: When you live in a house built on lies—like a government, a media house or any other business enterprise—and then the truth is known, that house becomes, in and of its self, a weapon of mass destruction!

So then, as it is evident from this article of mine that Christianity is built on lies, now that the truth of Elohiym is shining unto the Earth, all Christians must be warned that Christianity is a weapon of mass destruction manufactured by the devil. Would you want to continue to stay in it to be a part of those to be murdered??

Well, do not say I did not warn you! If none of my previous articles was able to warn you to flee out of Christianity, I hope and pray that this particular one does.

I cannot end this article without leading readers to a youtube video I stumbled upon as I researched for material to write this article. I must say I very much enjoyed watching it and I am sure you too would.


I pray you find it useful in your search for the truth of Yahuwah Elohiym!

My dear reader, till I come your way with another thought-provoking features article I urge you to stay tuned while digesting the issues I raise in this article. And may Yahuwah Elohiym shine his light on your spirit as you do.

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