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Christianity Has No Saving Power: Only In “HaDerech” Is Elohim’s Salvation!!

Christianity Has No Saving Power: Only In HaDerech Is Elohims Salvation!!
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For a long time mankind has known the world will someday come to an end. Those familiar with the Hebrew Holy Scriptures know that, at this coming end, Elohim, the Creator-Judge of the universe, will resurrect all dead people to stand trial together with those living at the time—sifting out the holy ones for Heaven, while dumping the sinful ones into hell.

Christians believe the faith they profess in any brand of Christianity renders them worthy and eligible for Heaven! It is sad to say, however, that all Christians will be utterly disappointed in this because none of them belonging to the countless and diverse denominations of Christianity, qualify for Heaven!

The truth is that Christianity has no saving power. This is because Christianity is unknown to Elohim since He did not originate it! What this means is that Christianity is outside Elohim's wisdom and will, and thus, neither gives salvation nor shows the way into Heaven.

The word “Christianity” is not mentioned even once in the English Bible! Yet people, who hold the Bible as their handbook and constitution, read Christianity into it and therefore call themselves Christians!! For Christians, the English Bible is so sacred a book, infallible, the full revelation of Elohim, and thus their surest guide to Heaven!

But alas, whatever Elohim has not taught is irrelevant for mankind's spiritual wellbeing. Why then would anyone believe that Christianity, which Elohim has not taught, will grant him Heaven? It is a delusion to believe Christianity will lead its adherents into Heaven.

Someone may ask: Does the Bible not mention the word “Christians”? Yes it does in three verses—Acts 11:26, 26:28, and First Peter 4:16—and only in passing, without defining or revealing who these people are! So, why would anyone desire to be a Christian or called one, without knowing who Elohim considers such persons to be?

Of course, Christians believe the Savior-Son of Elohim is called JESUS CHRIST and, therefore, think to have evolved as CHRISTIANS, in and, by this name! This ill-informed confidence of Christians—that Jesus Christ is the name of the Savior from Heaven—is what gives them the false hope of ever being in Heaven.

But their hopes will be dashed in Elohim's soon-coming judgment! This is because Elohim never named His Son JESUS CHRIST, and those who profess this name profess one who is a stranger to Elohim. They actually profess a phantom; for no JESUS CHRIST lives in Heaven or ever lived anywhere on earth!

Elohim gave His Son a Hebrew name and title that are meant to be honored by all Creation for ever; for who can rename Elohim's Son? Long before Creation and the Savior's coming to earth, this Hebrew name and title were known and revered among the angels of Heaven.

Elohim deemed it important and necessary to send an angel on two occasions to announce this Hebrew name to the Savior's Hebrew “parents” before his birth, so the inhabitants of the earth would never make a mistake in this.

This Hebrew name of the Savior is “Yeshua” which means “Salvation” in English; and his title, “HaMashiach”, means “The Anointed One”. The world has the irrefutable witness of the whole nation of Israel that one of their kind who lived in the flesh among them between 4 BCE-30 CE and revealed himself as the Son of Elohim, was known as Yeshua HaMashiach, and never as JESUS CHRIST!!

Since Yeshua HaMashiach was NEVER called JESUS CHRIST, how could Christians and Christianity be of or from him??

One great revelation Yeshua HaMashiach ever gave of himself is: “I am THE WAY, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). Speaking in this wise, Yeshua used the Hebrew word “HaDerech” which means “The Way”.

By this revelation, Yeshua not only reminded his listeners about “HaDerech”—“The Way”—in which all the patriarchs of Israel and their obedient children walked for their salvation (Exodus 32:8, Deuteronomy 9:16, 11:28, Judges 2:17, Jeremiah 7:23, Malachi 2:8, etc.), but also laid claim to being “the way” on which these patriarchs walked into their salvation!

Saul, after persecuting people of “the way” in Acts 9:2, later wised-up to embrace it for his salvation, revealing “HaDerech” in Acts 24:14 as being the holy faith—comprising of “the law” and “the prophets”—that saved his fathers.

But, of course, for Saul and friends, “HaDerech” is the teaching of Yeshua that clarifies all issues of “the law”, together with “the prophets”, and the New Covenant doctrines—which they unflinchingly lived by, while enjoying, effortlessly, those parts of “the law” that are fulfilled in, and by, Yeshua's sacrifice!

Today, the ONLY faith that saves mankind is same which saved Saul and friends—“HaDerech”—and NEVER Christianity, for all Christian denominations disobey “the law”!!

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