Arkane Africa: African Artists Campaign For The Environment At COP22 Marrakech

By William Nana Yaw Beeko, Online Editor, Reporting From Marrakech, Morocco With Additional Files From COP22
Africa Arkane Africa: African Artists Campaign For The Environment At COP22 Marrakech

The following multi-disciplinary workshops are held for artists : painting, photography, video art, screen-printing, monotype, engraving, plants, etc. Artist invited in residence are selected as follows, their talent, their creativity, and the engagement on the artistic scene.

Arkane Africa campaigns for Art and all forms of free artistic expression. For the Occasion of COP22, it has formed a coalition of artists, and international arts associations, with the objective of creating a large-scale, artistic event in the civil society zone area.

Combining the international exhibition “World Art Coop Expressions” (WACE) with the second stage of the second edition of Arkane Africa.

The artistic residence Arkane (Morocco) is a multi-disciplinary creative space co-ordinated by the campaigning Association for the promotion of Art and Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage.

Visitors can admire works from over 50 artists from the continent of Africa (South Africa, Algeria, Benin, Burkina, Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, etc.)

The artists, known and emerging, present a selection of contemporary art raising public awareness around climate questions showing the size and scale of the continent.

This exhibition is a veritable ecological and artistic tribute, whose ambition is to contribute to raising conscience and emancipating of humanity.

Paintings, sculptures, photographs….One would like to get lost in the this 500m2 labyrinthe, and discover at each turn works that speak through their aesthetic or message.

List of artists:
Abderrahmane OUARDANE (Morocco) / Abderrahmane RAHOULE (Morocco) / Abdeslem AZDEM (Morocco) / Aicha AHERDANE (Morocco) / Amadou SANOGO (Mali) / Anna ZITTI (Argentina) / Balyc SHAKO (French Congo) / Cristina CROIZILLARD (Brazil) / Diseye TANTUA (Nigeria) / El Mehdi MOFID (Morocco) / Ephrem SOLOMON (Ethiopia) / Farah CHAOUI (Morocco) / Fatima BOUSAID (Morocco) / Ghizlane SAHLI (Morocco) / Hela AMMOUS (Tunisia) / Hela LAMINE (Tunisia) / Henri Abraham GUIRMA (France -Burkina Faso) / Horacio OCCHI (Argentina) / Houda TERJUMAN (Suisse-Syrie) / Hyacinthe OUATTARA (Burkina Faso) / Jean Marc ASPE (France-German) / Kalidou KASSÉ (Senegal) / Khalid NADIF (Morocco)

Leila CHERKAOUI (Morocco) / Léopold SEGUEDA (Burkina Faso) / Linda BOUGHRARA (Algeria) / Mamadou CISSÉ (Senegal) / Maria KERMADI (Morocco) / Marta MAIGA (Burkina Faso) / Maya INES TOUAM (Algeria) / Mehdi JASSIFI (Morocco) / Mercedes SCHAMBER (Argentina) / Mohamadou NDOYE (France-Senegal) / Mohammed ZOUZAF (Morocco) / Mohcine TARRAR (Morocco) / Nadia OURIACHI (Morocco) / Nissrine SEFFAR (France-Morocco) / Odile HAROCH / Olga Leila KOROBEINIKOVA (Maroc -Russia) / Ouafaa MEZOUAR (Morocco) / Oussama MAHASSINE (Morocco) / Paul ALDEN MVOUTOUKOULOU (Congo) / Saidou DICKO (Burkina Faso) / Salah BENJKAN (Morocco) / Selmen NAHDI (Tunisia) / Serges SERRANO (France) / Souleymane KONATÉ (Ivory Cost) / Susana COMEZAÑA (Argentina) / Taoufik CHICHANI (Morocco) / Yasser AMEUR (Algeria) / Yvanovitch MBAYA (Congo) / Zine EL ABIDINE (Morocco) / Zineb KOHEN (Morocco-US)