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04.03.2014 Feature Article

The Dilemma Of Ama Ghana!

The Dilemma Of Ama Ghana!
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At the moment Ama Ghana is in dilemma. One will ask why..

Those who are expected to think and reason have stop reasoning and have allowed people embittered with partisan politics to do the reasoning and thinking. Those who are supposed to speak have gone into deep silence vowed not to talk be because it doesn't matter what truth, facts, logic and pragmatic information you share, it will be meted with serious politicization. Which dwindles the substance, one side will will over glorify it and another pupuuu it down though they both know the truth.

Those who are supposed to keep quiet have open their mouth to speak to or at every issue without thorough correlation of brain work. They subject works of great minds to infantile comments, hiding behind " freedom of speech" its an embodiment of democracy but a double edged sword when left in the hands of those who are supposed to keep mute will lead Ghana oblivion.

Those who are supposed to work have stopped working under the flagship slang " government job is not that of my dad" yet they desire the rewards of hardworking hands.

On the other hands where work is done, owners are the direct beneficiariess at the detriment of workers. They work so hard but the reward is nothing you can equate it to the job done.

Government fail to stay focus on development and growth but enter the gutters to face detractors. They are supposed to seek the utmost best for the people but some amass wealth while the others look.

The opposition who is supposed to be a check and balance or be an alternative is busy engaged in pettiness, and praying to see government fail to prove a point.

Those who are supposed to conduct thorough documentation and data collection forge to suit an agenda to win favor or spell doom

Citizenry can't find anything good to be proud about as Ghanaians yet outsider speak of what is good.

Those who are supposed to pay tax fail to or under pay. Population of 25million only 2million pay tax get we all desire development. Those assigned to manage this collected tax to also over price projects and embezzle the funds.

We say there is no job but outsiders are engaging in the very jobs we deem low of esteem. Until it is manage to prominence before we notice the value for it.

We speak ill of our own healthy foods but chasing exotic but junk.

We display and deploy excessive profit desires yet we make U-turn and call a few corrupt.

So where did Ama Ghana go wrong, mineral resources we are wasting it, water bodies we are intoxicating it, our peace we want to trade it, what exactly is wrong with the Ghanaian. This can't be the sons and daughters of Ama Ghana , we can collectively break or make, hail or shame Ama Gh.

She is in a dilemma, but she deserves better. God bless our homeland Ghana.

Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah
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