Youth of Ghana Muslim Youth Welfare Centre celebrates Intergenerational engagement in UK

By Issaka Sannie II Contributor
Diaspora (UK & Ireland) Youth of Ghana Muslim Youth Welfare Centre celebrates Intergenerational engagement in UK

The leadership of the Zongo Community in the UK and Ireland is extremely pleased with the success of their empowered youth in organizing an intergenerational barbecue event.

This gathering aimed to unite and reaffirm the identity of the younger generations as sons and daughters of Zongo. With temperatures over 25°C, the event was a joyous and profound family reunion, fostering friendships and solidifying community bonds.

The barbecue was meticulously planned and executed, serving as a platform for the younger generations to connect with the broader Zongo community. This event highlighted the potential for future greatness through networking and collaboration. The sense of unity displayed at the barbecue underscored the collective desire to nurture kinship as a strong support system.

During an open discussion session, the younger attendees enthusiastically suggested various activities to further cohesion, explore talents, and expand individual horizons. They believed these initiatives would enhance intergenerational engagement and showcase their rich Zongo identity.

The youth were encouraged to find ways to understand and manage negative social influences that could pose serious challenges. They were assured of plans to provide access to resources that would help them navigate educational and career paths, including scholarships to top universities.

The positive reception and enthusiasm demonstrated by the entire community reinforced the youth's commitment to their unique identities as Muslims, Zongo people, Black, British, and Ghanaians. They envision a brighter future with a variety of events focused on education, career development, tourism, faith development, and emotional and intellectual empowerment. Their dedication to these programs aims to provide lasting community integration and create memorable impacts across generations, uplifting the image and identity of the Zongo Community in the UK, Ireland, and beyond.

Acknowledgements and appreciation were extended to the elders of the community for their trust in the youth, the management and trustees of the community, the male and female youth leadership and Brother Farakhan for serving as a resource person.