21.02.2024 Feature Article

An open letter to Afia Pokua (aka Vim Lady) - on how Ghana can end borrowing to modernise and expand infrastructure

An open letter to Afia Pokua aka Vim Lady - on how Ghana can end borrowing to modernise and expand infrastructure
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Afia Pokuaa, bless you for speaking truth to power so boldly, in a nation full of cowardly-cowed-males, dominated by greed-filled state-capture, dissembling rent-seeking big-thieves-in-high-places.

Recently, Afia, you stated in an Instagram post, that we are getting bullet trains from Poland. Actually, we aren't, truth be told. Fact-checked: We aren't getting, and weren't promised, bullet trains, from Poland. We are getting standard guage trains with faster speed metrics, than our old narrow gauge rolling stock designed for narrow gauge rail lines, which are slower.

That said, generally, is it not the case that, today, the vast majority of Ghanaians agree, that as wise and aspirational Africans, desirous of living in a nation that is peaceful, united and prosperous, blessed with being a society that is equitable in nature, and in which there is shared prosperity beneficial for all demograhics (because millions have been successfuly lifted from poverty from prosperity fueled by thriving private sector growth), then, perforce, we must demand a paradigm shift, which gives us honest and wise one-nation non-tribalistic leaders, able to deliver shared prosperity by implementing bleeding-edge innovative policy ideas, after this year's pivotal December presidential and parliamentary elections, Afia? No?

In light of that, Afia, should we not also demand that all our political parties publicly pledge to pass legislation within the first 100 days of assuming power, in January 2025, new legislation making it mandatory for all political parties to publicly publish all their sources of funding, and that they must also commit to passing legislation to make it mandatory for all high-level public officials to publicly publish their assets (as well as that of their spouses), before assuming office, and immediately after their tenures end? Will that not drastically reduce high-level corruption, I ask? Haaba.

Furthermore, Afia, should we also not demand, as media professionals who love Mother Ghana passionately, that our political parties should focus on creating an environment in which private sector businesses, not governments-of-the-day, build and modernise our critical infrastructure?

If that were the case, would we not be able to avoid borrowing money that taxpayers will be saddled with having to repay - but nonetheless still be lucky to be blessed to live in a modern nation with key infrastructure, such as tolled4-6-laned concrete motorways from Accra to all the regional capitals - ditto hyperloop underground tunnels connecting Accra to all the regional capitals (for super-fast transportation of passengers and goods), all delivered by private sector entites, in exchange for 35 years to own and operate same, paying miniscule taxes (set at 2.5 percent for the entire period), before transferring ownership to the Ghanaian nation-state?

Finally, the question to ponder over, Afia, is: Will all the above, if implemented after January 2025 by the newly elected government-of-the-day, not end having to burden Mother Ghana with crippling borrowing, leading to unsustainable debt that impoverishes present and future generations of Ghanaians going forward into the future, till the very end of time - and prevent massive piled-up-debt, such at the quantum of signed loan agreements that have enabled a powerful and well-connected few to prosper mightily (mostly from professional fees and commissions), under the Akufo-Addo presidency, an egregious and unwise shortsightedness that has now finally ended up bankrupting our beautiful and bountiful Republic, anaaaa, I ask, Afia?