Re: Manhyia Palace Disclaims Asanteman Association USA, Severs Ties

By Asanteman Association of New York
Diaspora (USA) Re: Manhyia Palace Disclaims Asanteman Association USA, Severs Ties
JAN 3, 2023 LISTEN

Dear all,
The Asanteman Association of New York’s attention has been drawn to a circulating publication indicating His Royal Majesty, Otumfour Osei Tutu, has disassociated Manhyia from all the various Asanteman Associations in the USA due to a judgement case in New York.

It is true that the Asanteman Association of New York went to court over a disputed local election issue and inadvertently dragged the name of Manhyia into the dispute.

Having realized this mistake, the Asanteman Association of New York has taken steps through intermediaries to apologize to Manhyia and restore normal relations with Manhyia.

The Association accepts and recognizes the authority of Manhyia over its affairs. All members of the Association owe unflinching allegiance to Manhyia. The Asanteman Association of New York will never intentionally do anything that will tarnish the good image of Asantehene or Manhyia.

The Asanteman Association of New York believes that its detractors intentionally decided to circulate the letter in question at this particular time, with the sole purpose of sabotaging and disrupting the introduction of its traditional leaders on Saturday January 7, 2023.

It has never ever occured in any discussion, meeting, the leadership or any member of the Asanteman Association in New York to litigate with Asantehene, His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu and Menhyia.

The Association, however, writes to lip that it will be a sacrilege on its path to commit such atrocious deed knowing very well Otumfuo Osei Tutu, Asantehene is the Spiritual, Traditional, Cultural and life-patron of the Asanteman Association of USA.

It is meanwhile disheartening and unfortunate to notice that some persons have taken an undue advantage of an earlier issued letter to flame the fire of unnecessary tension and creating the seed of disunity instead of coming to the Association’s board for us all to brainstorm how best to arrest the deep-seated and cracks of the Asanteman Associations in the USA and the Asanteman Association in New York respectively.

The Asanteman Association of USA by this means, is edging all and sundry to come and witness its Pato-Mu-Nsuaye event where the rich culture and tradition of the Asante Kingdom will be in display. As it affirms that the function will come on as scheduled on January 7, 2023.

The general public is therefore cordially invited to come and witness the display of Asante culture and its traditions.

Sincerely Yours,
Nana Yaw Boadi,
Bronx-New York.

The Manhyia Palace has officially disclaimed the Asanteman Association USA and severed all relations with the Association forthwith.

The decision by the Manhyia Palace comes after it was alienated from the Asanteman Association USA’s governance following a United States’ court’s decision.

Below is the full statement
I bring you compliments from Manhyia Palace, and write to express the appreciation of the Palace to the New York Board of Electors (Dr. Koti Antwi Boateng, Dr. Kwame Anyane-Yeboah, Rev. Dr. Yaw Frimpong-Manso, Kwasi Abrcfa Busia, and Regina Bonsu) for the good work you have done to provide guidance for the Asanteman Association, USA in the past year.

Your efforts at getting the association united to follow a clearly defined roadmap which was approved by the general membership has been noted with much appreciation.

Unfortunately, certain persons in the group led by Charles Manu found it necessary to take the matter to Court after Oheneba Boachie-Adjei (Otumfuo Hiahene, representing the Palace in this matter) intervened and instructed the group to unite and follow the Board of Electors’ roadmap for new elections.

In response to the Court action and the decision of Judge Alison Tuitt on June 29, 2022 in the matter of Asanteman Association of USA vs The Board of Electors, Amaniampong and Hiahene, I am directed by Manhyia Palace to issue the following directives:

As per the Court’s decision following plaintiff Charles Manus’s argument that “it is irrelevant that the King of Asante played a role in the controversy as plaintiff’s organization is governed by the Constitution and By-Laws mandated under New York law,” hence alienating Manhyia from the Asanteman Association USA’s governance, by virtue of the dictates of its own Constitution, Manhyia Palace, by this directive, officially disclaims the Asanteman Association USA and severs all relations with Asanteman Association USA forthwith.

Henceforth all groupings or associations of Asante citizens in the diaspora shall first apply and seek official recognition and endorsement from Manhyia Palace by satisfying specific conditions.

If you need further clarifications or additional information on this matter you can reach me on +233 55 432 4070, or Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, Otumfuo Hiahene, on +233 24 338 3051. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely, Lawrence Akwasi Prempeh Private Secretary to Asantehene.