Industrialization of Africa: The National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism & Countdown on SME Digitization

Feature Article Industrialization of Africa: The National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism  Countdown on SME Digitization
DEC 5, 2022 LISTEN

Africa is not too late, it is just on time, Industrialization of Africa is the right call of the day, where majority of the African nations will greatly benefit from such advanced thinking and create national mobilization of entrepreneurialism as natural strategy and fully deploy 10% to 20% of their SME economies already in existence to advance towards improved manufacturing and deploy regional productivities and improved performances towards global exportability.

This is a great plan; however, industrialization of small businesses can only happen when there is already a large base of well organized SMEs within any nation. Africa has far too many countries where 1K to 1000K SMEs sprawled across within the nation. Industrialization demands industrial minds, as industrialization is not about buying machines or access to loans. Industrialization is an automatic advancement of entrepreneurialism as it crosses manufacturing thresholds and becomes larger machinery based operations. Bureaucracies cannot create industrialization but only successful entrepreneurs blessed with job-creator mindsets graduate towards industrialization as their advanced senses on creating improved productivity, performance and profitability take their businesses in the directions of mass commercialization via industrialization.

Math of SME Economics; Some twenty nations within Africa each can easily place 10,000 high potential SMEs on digital platforms, to allow up-skilling of exporters and re-skilling of manufacturers to expand in global exportability. This group of high potential 200,000 SME for industrialization will achieve in coming years what America achived during the last century. Of course global economies always need a billion dollar computers to figure out abstract volumes while this SME math only requires a one-dollar calculator preferably from a local dollar store. Simple

Observe, industrialization is neither an outcome of bureaucracies nor hatched in university courses or is a byproduct of fintech. It is simply proven that raw entrepreneurialism advanced to higher stages. Study deeply how entrepreneurs advance their logic and rationalization for growth and eventually create massive industrialization that employs millions across the world.

Now the real challenges start; to advance any significant project one needs intelligent dialogue with proven and qualified people and who very often are far more advanced in experiences and knowledge. To lead an entrepreneurial project and to advance in any direction, it is critical to walk with full awareness of one's competency in one hand open and one's incompetency closed in the other hand. Deep confidence is based on what is open on one hand as competency and whatever is missing in talents on the other hand closed, as gaps are filled through exchanges, collaborations, lifelong learning, and this entrepreneurial capability allows to manage and cross bridges of complexities.

As a proof, study the last 1000 earth shattering entrepreneurs and their advancement in life altering products and services and observe as none of them had any advanced training or education, they simply went out and developed the final solutions. They knew how to start without any help, how to defy gravity, and reach that forbidden destination where hundreds, thousands or even millions never dreamed of doing just that.

Industrialization across African Nations must commence immediately on the digital platforms where each qualified nation must demonstrate its capabilities of performance on required digitization and necessary identification of the high potential highly dedicated SME that can expand and multiply many times as industrialization candidates.

Time to change now, however, those nations in Africa still trying to understand digitization after so many years and still having no demographics on SME sectors can advance or accept a simpler model; to lead, follow or get out of the way. The future of the economy of any African Nation is clearly hidden within their SME sectors and talented citizenry where entrepreneurial youth and business minded women of Africa, can no longer wait another decade. Better understand how other nations are doing, study a new world of G20 and national mobilization of small medium business economies

No, this is not an academic study but an entrepreneurial response across the world, as grand economic failures still persist by the majority of nations on up-skilling SME and re-skilling manufacturers at national digitized levels. Furthermore, failing to understand the difference between the job seeker and job creator mindsets is the first step to get eliminated from any serious dialogue on the subject of SME economic recovery. Failing to articulate on the national mobilization of entrepreneurialism is the second step to get eliminated from any economic development activity as a whole. Study more on Google.

Industrialization of Africa; The best approach is to start mobilizing SME sectors, digitizing SME economies and commercializing SME exportability, all geared to flourish entrepreneurialism towards industrialization. Like an open book, all such deployment ideas are already available for the last many years to allow immediate mobilization of any national small medium business economy. Nations can become examples on creating superior exportable goods and services while commercializing innovative ideas on the global stage. There are no secrets on how to achieve all this, but there are huge secrets why it is still not being done despite all the economical struggles?

The big world is continuously advancing, non-stop consuming and endlessly growing, while nations persistently missing the boat, despite extraordinary resources abandoned, talented citizenry only herded and left as spectators, trade associations, chambers and government agencies still remain disconnected. Therefore, needed are precise world-class goals, as national symbols of unity, diversity and tolerance. So, what are the top missing rules to mobilize any nation on economic development fronts and what is stopping? Study more why will population-rich-nations lead knowledge-rich-nations?

National mobilization of SME entrepreneurialism is a step by step methodology, if there is still no progress after a decade, which only raises serious questions about available skills to lead such a charge. Similarly, 50% mobilization of the qualified SME if allowed to dance on global digital platforms creates productivity, performance and profitability and therefore brings foreign exchange to improve national grassroots prosperity. If local economic development teams do not openly engage, adapt and utilize available blueprints and related mobilization expertise little or nothing will happen.

Proof is mandatory; when it takes 10 days to debate, strategies and finalize a national mobilization programs, and when it takes 100 days to organize digital platforms to deploy 10% to 50% selected SME on digital platforms and 1000 days to turn around small medium business economies so why still there is no show after last 5 or 10 years. If there is nothing wrong, why are the restless citizens marching in protest? Why are economies openly collapsing and what is stopping them to correct the course and how much it has to do with core competencies at the source of economic development? Is it possibly now a time for the first industrial revolution of the mind

Next big key steps: What can current teams learn and what can they deploy within 90 days in any sector or any national economic realignment. How can they be framed as a customized national mobilization of entrepreneurialism model? How can they select and identify 5K to 50K SME and get them ready for a digital platform? How can they start intense programs to up skill and re-skill all layers of the economic departments to become a global age expert and start thinking of future applications and methodologies of economic growth? What does it take to acquire mastery on national mobilization of entrepreneurialism within a specific SME sector or across the nation? How fast can SME sectors achieve massive uplifts and especially when such maneuvers are primarily execution starved, mobilization hungry and not necessarily new funding dependent? What does all this mean in the first place? Study why SME is economic power for the African nations? The rest is easy.

Naseem Javed