SME is Economic Power for the African Nations

Feature Article SME is Economic Power for the African Nations
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How nations end-up like Sri Lanka? Because in reality, there is no political power unless there is a parallel economic power; after all, there cannot be any economic power without entrepreneurial job-creator-mindset power. If the current economic progress only built on heavy debt then it is but emptiness without real value creation and entrepreneurial power. Common sense economic thinking demands a 'common good' approach.

How can nations avoid catastrophes? Observe, when the small medium business sectors are the largest economic contributors of any nation but ignored and abandoned for lack of real skills needed on national mobilization of SME entrepreneurialism. Notice, when it takes 10 days to firm-up policies to start a SME sector digitization programs so what is stopping? How about this, if it only takes 100 days to mobilize and place 1000 to 100,000 SME on digital platforms so where are the gaps and problems and why is this not top of the national agenda. Now, if it takes 1000 days to have a bouncing economic development and global activities, where is the problem? Especially when all such ideas are not necessarily new funding dependent, but rather execution hungry and mobilization starved. There is no mystery, just magic in need of the right mindsets.

Measuring real speed: At what levels of efficiency, types of speed, and command and articulation the governments are delegating such tasks with qualified and regimented protocols to mobilize and deploy such forces needed to uplift local grass roots prosperity. To create a job-creation economy, job creator mindsets critically needed to create, design and manage all this in conjunction with the existing highly dense population of job-seekers mindset already in economic development teams in the majority of the nations across the world currently struggling with the economic development challenges. What will happen to an airline? Should they get Aeronautical Engineers, Frequent Flyers or only Trained Pilots in the cockpits? Which will you fly, but why?

Suddenly, economic risk nations need deployment of national mobilization of entrepreneurialism as a new mandated national agenda to place 25% of their qualified national SME sectors on digital platforms of upskilling exporters and reskilling manufacturers to quadruple productivity, performances and exportability. This is a pragmatic approach to job creation but only once the right mindsets on driver seats. This is an advanced level of mastery on SME Mobilization trajectory and not confused with a week of SME displaying banners.

The big picture overview: Poverty is not an absence of wealth, but absence of productivity; wealth is only a byproduct of the poverty-elimination processes. More common is productivity, more mechanisms deployed to create wealth generation. This model is totally opposite of printing currencies or creating fake economies declared as great success. Real value creation must replace fake value manipulation schemes. Study the rise of great middle-class success in the history of civilization, before destroyed decades ago. Study the fall of crypto-crazy-mania and the bit-coin-dreaming as global economic solutions.

Witness also the free world economies; the wasted generations without organized entrepreneurialism, without regimented upskilling for trades, exports and manufacturing. When SME entrepreneurialism and its largest role in the national economy ignored, no further proof was required as most free economies simply slid to economic chaos fast. Coming 20 elections in 2022 only add more surprises for Angola, Kenya, Brazil, US midterm and many others. So, what is missing in most economic programs?

AFRICA: Nation-by-nation-customization methodology and national deployment will quadruple the economic progress of each nation and uplift the continent on a global stage. To boost new job-creation and grassroots prosperity creation, attached to such major undertakings, which at times are not new funding dependent rather execution hungry and mobilization staved. Critical lacks of required skills are the key reason for the absence of such revolutionary SME uplifting ideas. The most critical challenge for any national leadership of the world today is to build its national citizenry capable of standing up to the global age of competitiveness or else. Now, Africa can stand on its own two feet but needs a full body and mind trained in that direction. Classrooms and Social Media cannot do this.

The main program gaining global attention: "The National Mobilization of SME Entrepreneurialism across African Nations '' is based on how to digitize, mobilize and highlight 1K to 50K SME across the region, sector or within a nation, place them on global digital platforms of upskilling exporters, reskilling manufacturers and quadrupling exportability. Productivity always needs a cause. Cause break down barriers, strive to uplift, force upskilling and reskilling but with a deep understanding of productivity, performances and profitability. Something well stacked in entrepreneurialism as basic tools.

The Cabinet Level meetings needed for orientation to such revolutionary ideas, to understand timelines and operational issues, direct and indirect benefits to the economy, SME owners, and youth and women entrepreneurs within the nation. The meetings also bring key trade-groups, associations and chambers under a collaborative umbrella. The meetings set a well-planned pragmatic agenda with proper definitions and forward thinking programs.

The mindsets: However, such dramatic transformation will only happen when there is a clear understanding of the mindset-hypotheses; entrepreneurial job-creator mindsets is what build the free Western economies, as out of the box, risk taker mindsets originate, twist-turn but create amazing enterprises for local, national or global tasks. Here, as always, the job-seeker mindsets, those risk-averse but educated and qualified, they focus on just building those already created enterprises into legends. Study of the last 1000 entrepreneurial journeys is necessary. Any group with less than 20% of job creator mindsets working team deemed declared redundant. Study, The Mindset Hypotheses

Qualification Criteria: The difficult questions for national leadership on economic development and SME fronts

The qualifiers:

Are there 1K, 10K or 100K SME within a nation qualified for upskilling for exportability?

Are national regions ready for mobilization of entrepreneurialism on digital platforms?

Are chambers and associations of the nation in agreement of such SME uplifts and exportability?

Are there harmonious efforts to uplift women entrepreneurs on the national stage?

Are the frontline economic development team upskilled enough for such programs?

The abundance:

Most nations are already have enough innovations, but lacking commercialization

Most talents overqualified in their craft but seriously lacking the image and right business directions

Most incubators cannot help and eventually exhausted like real estate projects

Most economical development programs are paper-flow procedures without entrepreneurial touch

The wings for economies

Fact: The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets.

Fact: The well-designed innovative ideas are worthy of such additional quadrupled volumes.

Fact: The entrepreneurial and dormant talents of a nation are capable of such tasks.

Fact: The new global age skills, knowledge and execution are now the missing links

The transformation timelines:

It takes 10 days to firm-up policies to start a SME sector digitization program.

It takes 100 days to mobilize and place 1000 to 100,000 SME on digital platforms.

It takes 1000 days to have a bouncing economic development and global activities.

The mental preparedness timelines:

It takes 1000 days to become a top class economic development game player.

It takes 100 days for deep immersion to become champion on digital transformations.

It takes 10 days of intense workshops to articulate of such senior level discussions

The economic effect timelines:

It takes 10 days to structure digital formats for SME sectors in desired regions.

It takes 100 days to uplift 10K to 100K SME and profile them on digital platforms.

It takes 1000 days to quadruple their exportability and upskilling as a new game changer.

The Final Cut:

What level of upskilling and orientations required for the economic development teams?

What level of ongoing support and learning required during the program?

What level of streamlined learning required across Africa to harmonize progress?

What numbers of economic leaders seek Mastery on such national mobilization topics?

Rules of Mobilization: Unless there are Cabinet level meetings with authoritative narratives, contents on such game plans such revolutionary ideas on economic uplift and mobilization of entrepreneurialism only becomes a rolled up study for the lingering bureaucracies. Study Expothon on Google

The Warnings: How many nations may end up like Sri Lanka, how many nations may have regime change like Pakistan, how many nations may surprisingly lose their top leadership and how many nations may lose their overall balance. Nations failing to uplift citizenry on jobs and skills already have crises. The real test for the free nations so far in majority, their political smartness already failing fast, now is the time to demonstrate economic smartness. The time to change has already passed; the time to mobilize and revolutionize has now arrived, and act wisely.

The rest is easy

Naseem Javed a corporate philosopher, Chairman of Expothon Worldwide: a Canadian Think tank focused on National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism and Upskilling on Digital Platforms of Exportability.

July 10 2022