Those Responsible For Sarah Adisu's Sex Tape, A 17-Year-Old Former Ho Mawuko Girls Senior High student, Should Be Apprehended And Prosecuted

Feature Article Those Responsible For Sarah Adisu's Sex Tape, A 17-Year-Old Former Ho Mawuko Girls Senior High student, Should Be Apprehended And Prosecuted
JUN 4, 2022 LISTEN

Sarah Adisu, a 17-year-old head prefect at Ho's Mawuko Girls Senior High who is reported to have committed suicide as a result of mental trauma caused by a leaked sex film, is a tragedy that Ghanaian authorities should not let go unpunished.

Even if technology has made communication and life easier for us, that does not mean that criminals will utilize it to get away with their crimes. Those who uploaded the sex video that went viral on social media should be arrested and brought to justice.

These crimes occur on a regular basis in both developed and developing countries, but while the police in developed countries investigate such significant instances in order to apprehend the perpetrators, such distressing crime cases are not a government concern in developing countries.


Sarah Adisu Etornam, like many other victims, has experienced psychological torment, depression, and shame, leading her to commit herself. Such social media crimes can be reduced if there is a strong rule in place and the perpetrators are appropriately punished.

According to sources, her lover's buddies allegedly released the footage that began spreading in the middle of May this year on social media. Why should people who are in charge do such a thing? Because there isn’t an ineffective law in Ghana that protects the people; rather, it encourages corruption and criminality.

This is the issue that the majority of Ghanaians are facing under the current administration. In both affluent and emerging countries, crime is unavoidable, but if nothing is done to successfully combat it, it will overflow its banks. This tragedy would not have occurred if Ghana had enacted legislation prohibiting people from posting defamatory recordings on social media in order to harm others.

You may not comprehend it if it has happened to you, but it does not have to happen to you to grasp the psychological agony and humiliation that Etornam experienced after seeing the video become popular on social media.

Men or friends surreptitiously recording sex intimacy with females and then posting it on social media is a crime that has become more prevalent in wealthy countries than in poor countries. As an example,

Tiziana Cantone, an Italian woman, killed herself after a sex tape she produced with her new partner became public after she gave it to her ex-boyfriend to make him jealous. The dead, a 31-year-old woman from Naples, Italy, killed herself in a cellar after a humiliating video of her performing a sex act became viral on the internet.

Her lawyer filed a lawsuit against several internet search engines for distributing the sex tape while accusing others of doing so. Facebook was immediately ordered to remove the content from its social media site, as well as any posts or publications related to it.

In another event, a 17-year-old girl kills herself in the toilet of her family's home in Nova Scotia, Canada, after a gang-rape photo gets viral. Her assailants, took a picture of her that night and made sure it went viral among her peers.

I could go on and on about publications on such internet or social media crimes, and I'm sure those who go to such lengths to commit such crimes on social media are fine with it, but because they subject their victims to psychological torture, depression, and suicidal ideation, the Ghanaian government should pass a law that will arrest and prosecute anyone who uploads such destructive videos to social media.

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