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Most relationship crisis arises due to incompatibility — The Way Networks Leader

Most relationship crisis arises due to incompatibility — The Way Networks Leader
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The Way Networks Leader, Frederick Mensah has said most relationship crisis arises out of people getting engaged with people who are not compatible.

He said partners face issues when temperaments influenced by their elemental energy are not in harmony with eachother's.

He averred that there are four elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) which controls human behaviour and influences temperaments.

He noted that the entire makeup of an individual is determined by the elemental energy which is dominant at the time of their birth.

Some of these elements, Mr Frederick Mensah stressed are compatible while others are not. "It would always be expedient for everyone to know his or her element which determines their behaviour and temperament in order to know who to associate with and as well getting engaged. "Knowing one's element and its harmonious counterpart is a very important prerequisite to a peaceful relationship and blissful marriage."

Explaining further, he indicated that "Water is compatible to earth while fire is compatible with air due to their complementary capabilities and temperament tolerance."

He gave further clarity from the perspective of nature that, "When the earth is agitated and gives out too much dust into the environment due to its intolerance to air, water is used to calm the earth to reduce the dust.

"Air ensures combustion and very harmonious element to fire. In the season of cold fire complements air by warming it whereas the air also sustains the fire to burn. This is how the elements reflects its attributes in human relationships and engagements".

He however contended that he doesn't know what people are taught during marriage counselling sessions. In his view, every good relationship counselor should be in the position to identify the compatibility of the souls he or she is counseling in order to approve a marriage that will be peaceful and successful. He added that these are the things that ought to be taught to the would-be couple to appreciate whether they are harmoniously compatible or not.

"Looking at the high rate of unnecessary divorces and relationship (marital) crisis leading to some unfortunate deaths, we should know that there is something wrong or missing in our counseling methodology," he made these observations following the recent alleged assaults case involving a popular Nigerian gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu and her husband.

Mr. Frederick Mensah was speaking to DC Kwame Kwakye on the topic "Personal Development and Relationship Crisis" on GBC Radio Central on Sunday 17th April, 2022.

He emphasised, "When two people are of the same element, let’s say two earth elements get engaged, their marriage will be manageably successful due to the traits of same temperament and fortune lines. They would all have same likes and dislikes but, their relationship will be filled with the extremes of life's gift of abundance or scarcity.

"However, if one's element is earth and marries someone whose element is water. That is a good and very harmonious pairing because they will complement each other in times of abundance or scarcity and can tolerate each other well.

"If would-be couples can have the right counseling with regards to their compatibility in terms of emotions, romance, finances and temperament. I do not think there will be any relevant relationship crises without an amicable settlement between the couples.

"When we get to this level of marriage counseling, divorce can be reduced to the very minimum if not completely eradicated.

"For lack of knowledge, even God's children are suffering for no apparent reasons. Let us seek from the right source for adequate knowledge that will guarantee our happiness and peaceful relationship. God bless us all."

DC Kwame Kwakye
DC Kwame Kwakye

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