Where Lies Our Discipline

Feature Article Where Lies Our Discipline
DEC 2, 2021 LISTEN

On the 26th of November 2021 is when another history of disgrace started its tale in our political books, because what we all see as hope is now beginning to seemingly sell itself as a lost course. I am riding at the back of what took place in parliament last week Friday the 26th, Tuesday 30th of November and Wednesday the 1st of December 2021.

I am quite conscious of the fact that parliament as a legislative body exists to seek good for the citizenry and not to act in a manner or way that only seeks to promote their own desires. Parliament could have reached a consensus, and everything could have been solved but the spirit of indiscipline had the better part of them. I will say and say it again that, it was rude for the majority to have staged a walkout when the speaker demanded that the finance minister should leave the chamber. If they really had their constituents at heart, they would have stayed to see what will happen next, but because of partisanship and self-desires and needs they walked out.

That being said, on the 30th of November 2021 the minority also acted in the same manner, the minority in this sense also did not care about the people they serve. If there were really irregularities in the "Agyenkwa budget" then why did they walk out, they should have stayed to deal with it as they did on Friday. We are all in this country and have seen parliament refusing to work together on several occasions, if there are no walkouts, there will be clashes and banters, it has become a norm which in turn will harm us one day.

I come in the form of a citizen who wants the best for his generation and other generations to come, so I'm pleading with our legislators to be mindful of their actions and for once come together to work hard for Ghana's development. The circumstances which surrounded the recent events were very unfortunate, it proved how weak we are in fighting for development and progress. We should watch these things for we did not promise our constituents walkouts and banters, we promised them good leadership mixed with accountability and discipline.

By Adom Desmond.

Discipline is a virtue we must promote if only we want development- Anonymous.

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