Thu, 14 Oct 2021 Feature Article

We Shall Resist The Oppressors' Rule

We Shall Resist The Oppressors' Rule

I chanced upon an interview yesternight on Etv Ghana focusing on the trending news on our airwaves currently, LGBTQ; in fact it was the first time I listened to concerns of people who stand for or against the passing of the anti-LGBTQ bill before parliament as I write.

For the record, the interview hosted a catholic priest and popular LGBTQ activist Fiatse Elikem, both had the time to defend their stance on the aforementioned topic; for once i decided to listen to this lady to understand why she vehemently defends this people in spite of the stiff opposition she receives from Ghananians.

I opened my mouth in shock few minutes into her deliberations, some of her assertions were unfounded, her posture throughout the interview showed a person who was not in control of her words and she fumbled severally when she was asked to validate some of her statements; her actions during the interviews further deepened my belief that supporters of this agenda do this out of gut feelings and logical blindness.

For instance, she made a claim that some religions in the country accept the gay and lesbian lifestyle, apart from christians who vehemently oppose it drawing from biblical rules, she wandered in circles of talk for several minutes after the interviewer asked which religion or tribe accepts the LGBTQ stance; finally she said an Akan Chief sometime back got attracted to and married a man the name of which and timing of the event she indicated she could not recall.

Again she replied in a bid to further substantiate her claims, that a man from the Nzema area had to travel to somewhere in the Ashanti to marry a fellow man,as to who and when it happened ,she could not provide;so far as Ghanaian oral and written history is concerned i know not of any time or place where this practice condoned.

It is unfortunate that a topic that could hitherto not be discussed openly has now gained significant discussion time in our media landscape, we are Ghanaians, we are a sovereign state, democratic for that matter and we have the right to accept or abhor any practice which is detrimental to socio-cultural well being of our people; sad it is that 18 elite Ghanaians have mounted a spirited attack on the anti-LGBTQ bill seeking approval, sighting human rights and legal defects in the bill.

It is absurd to note that upon all the threats that this practice poses to the biological and social order of life, governments across the world especially the US and its allied powers are pursuing various diplomatic tactics to ensure governments globally allow this practice to thrive in their countries; the current president of the US promised prior to his elections to use pressure tactics to ensure LGBTQ is legalised across the globe, i am not surprised that this topic has reared its head strongly after Biden came to power.

We have our dignity and our pride to protect as a people, no matter how hard it may be we ought to join our leaders to deepen our stance on LGBTQ , hatred we have for none of its activists, but we must not lower our stance to allow this practice to thrive in our backyard. We owe this duty to ourselves and our unborn generations. I use this medium to commend all well meaning Ghanaians for standing and speaking against LGBTQ amidst the intense pressure from the outside world to scrap the anti-LGBTQ bill, we are solidly behind them.

As our national anthem rightly states "and help us to resist oppressors' rule with all our will and might forever more'',

God bless our homeland Ghana.