Malaria Vaccine & Ghana’s Contribution

Feature Article Malaria Vaccine  Ghanas Contribution
OCT 9, 2021 LISTEN

The WHO has just announced that there is finally a vaccine for malaria to the excitement of the world. This vaccine has been under development for close to a century.

Malaria is the biggest killer of children and adults in sub-Saharan Africa.

It kills our people more than all the other infectious diseases combined. Why then are our airwaves silent on this most wonderful news? Have we become so used to malaria we no longer fear its devastating consequences?

There is something else Ghanaians should be excited about concerning the new malaria vaccine. This vaccine was jointly developed with contributions from the Kintampo Health Research Centre (KHRC) since 2005.

Yes, researchers in Ghana were part of the global effort that culminated in today’s new vaccine for malaria.

And yes, we are not always consumers of global products. We are also part of global solutions. And we need to celebrate ourselves for this global achievement on Malaria. We do not expect CNN or BBC to broadcast our contribution to global scientific and medical advancement.

Our news outlets have become so obsessed with trivia, they tend to overlook true news that uplifts the spirit of our people. But this is one of those things what must make us proud as Ghanaians - for once.

Ghana’s contribution to global health research has attained new heights with the new malaria vaccine to the world!

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