03.02.2021 Feature Article

The Menace Of Galamsay, Do Our Leaders Have The Political Will To Halt It?

The Menace Of Galamsay, Do Our Leaders Have The Political Will To Halt It?
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Many of our leaders in Africa are simply preposterous. I can tell you many of them are dumb as a bag of hammers. Why must we condone and connive illegality, which has the predisposition to cause more havoc to our land and other natural resources? What's pathetic is the fact that; our people are prevented from engaging in the same illegal mining yet, enough security is provided for foreigners, who willingly cause unrestrained destruction to our land and other natural resources with impunity.

Do you know that no Ghanaian can go to China or any part of the world and start doing illegal mining? To even simply overstay one's visa will cost one some jail terms and sometimes, physical assault. However, over here in Africa, for that matter, Ghana, these criminals who destroy our natural resources are treated with golden gloves as our leaders provide them the maximum security to embark on their destruction mission.

Many of our law enforcement agencies run at the least command of these idiots just because of cash. You will earn the cash today and your entire next generation will bear the consequences. What I even hate to hear is the rhetorics about diplomatic relations. When they arrest our people in their countries don't they know about the existence of such diplomatic relations or bilateral relations? Once you allow your laws to be broken by foreigners, it becomes difficult to restrain your citizens from breaking the same laws. It's only greedy and insensitive leaders who suppress their citizens with laws and allow foreigners the leverage to defy the same laws with impunity.

We don't even feel pity for ourselves and we still call some of these monsters "Galamsay Queens". Ah! Don't we have a conscience of our own as a country or what? For me, I'm not xenophobic but I disdain anyone who disregards my very existence on this earth for nothing. What makes you think you can do this in my home country but I can't do it in your country? That's the main problem I have with our leaders. The Chinese, Americans, Europeans, etc. feel they can come here and do whatever they please but we can't go there and do anything. Our leaders are simply weak, wicked, greedy, and insensitive.

Our leaders are nothing but misleaders. If a leader can't provide potable water for his citizens, must such a leader also sit aloof and watch the only source of water of the citizens get muddied by the activities of people, who care less about the lives of the poor citizens? Then what kind of leadership is this? For how long must we allow our water bodies to be polluted by the activities of these foreigners? Aside from the fact that our water bodies are contaminated, irreparable damage is also done to our cash crops and virgin landscape owing to the activities of these illegal miners. Yet, the government and other stakeholders are tight lips over these happenings.

Most of our mining towns are hanging and are seriously susceptible to tremors at any time. Yet these towns haven't seen the needed development they deserve. For how long must our natural resources be used to develop other countries, while we, who possess them live in abject poverty? If mainstream mining can't help us to develop because we are exploited, why should we permit illegal mining to add insults to injury? Why must the benefits of this huge destruction go to others while we suffer the consequences?

Our leaders claim they want to lead us and help develop the country, but I tell you they want to achieve their parochial interest. No government has made it a point to combat illegal mining in this country satisfactorily. They only pay lip service to it and the destruction continues unabated. It's not enough to just form task forces and waste resources in maintaining their operations, while they achieve nothing. We must be serious as a country before we regret our failures in the future. Because; the repercussion of the destruction that's currently caused by the acts of these foreigners is highly immeasurable and must be stopped with immediate effect.

The powerless and voiceless citizens are only watching!

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