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While I was battling kidney disease, my wife sent nude pictures to another man - Erico

While I was battling kidney disease, my wife sent nude pictures to another man - Erico

Ghanaian gospel musician Erico shared intimate details about his battle with kidney disease and the heartbreaking betrayal he experienced from his wife in a candid interview with Emelia Brobbey on Okukuseku show.

Erico disclosed that during his treatment for kidney disease, his doctor assured him of stability after seven months. However, he chose to deceive his wife by fabricating a grim prognosis, claiming he had only five months left to live.

The motive behind this deception remains unclear, but it sheds light on the complexities within their relationship.

The situation took a disturbing turn when Erico, feigning sleep one midnight, caught his wife photographing herself in the nude and engaging in suggestive conversations over the phone. The shock and anguish he felt upon realizing her intentions to remarry quickly, fueled by the false belief in his imminent demise, is palpable in his account.

Recounting the moment of confrontation, Erico admitted to confronting his wife the following day before retreating to Kumasi, unable to bear the weight of her betrayal and the emotional turmoil it inflicted. His decision to distance himself from Accra reflects the depth of his hurt and disillusionment.

This poignant revelation not only exposes the fragility of relationships but also highlights the vulnerability of individuals grappling with illness and the profound impact of deception and betrayal.

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