I was extremely irresponsible and wicked to my family — Musician Reggie Zippy ‘accepts’ blame for divorce

Couples/Break-ups Ghanaian UK-based musician Reggie Zippy
AUG 19, 2023 LISTEN
Ghanaian UK-based musician Reggie Zippy

In his recent divorce announcement, Ghanaian UK-based musician Reggie Zippy fully accepted responsibility for the split from his wife of 15 years.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, August 17, the singer admitted he had been "extremely irresponsible and wicked" as a husband and father during their marriage.

"It was all my fault, I should have known better instead of caring for my children or family going forward," Zippy wrote.

He described himself as a "horrible human being" who was "very foolish" and didn't "deserve to ever see or speak to his children."

Zippy acknowledged being "abusive" and "manipulative" as well as "gaslighting" his partner during their relationship.

His wife had hinted at issues in an Instagram post but did not go into details.

She said she filed for divorce herself and dealt with it in private.

The couple with three children formally ended their union on Friday, August 11, 2023.

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