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Dec 31, 2009 | Health

Pakistan HIV campaigners urge tighter border controls with India

Darhoon Menghwar
Hyderabad Sindh: India have highest ratio of HIV/AIDS in South Asia, this disease can spread in Pakistan rapidly through India ,So Government should take necessary action for HIV test of those persons , who comes from India to Pakistan through Waugha border and Khokhrrapar. Journalists, Doctors and Human activists demand at AIDS workshop.

Workshop organized by different local NGOs, Human activists criticized over the role of state and specially Pakistan AIDS Control Authority, because there was no any public activity hold by state on International AIDS day. Unfortunately HIV/AIDS is un cure able, it may take time to develop any Medicine, so for that mostly in World efforts were taken for Awareness. But in Pakistan awareness campaign is zero percentage. Public Health Specialist Dr. Tufail has said.

In 1947, during and after Separation of India and Pakistan, Millions of peoples Migrate to Pakistan, and their thousands relatives living in India, they travel both countries easily through trains, Buses and by Air, so for that, there is high risk of spread of HIV/AIDS in Pakistan specially in Sindh state.

India is the world's third-highest rate of HIV/AIDS, with around 2.5 million infections, after Nigeria and South Africa. Indian Doctor Jossy , who provides HIV/AIDS education for some 300,000 people in Rajasthan border line area between Pakistan and India , said 86% of HIV infection in India was due to unsafe sex, 4.3% from Mother to Child transmission, 2.5% is syringe and poor blood screening and in 6% of cases the cause was not clear.

Parliament member Tayaub Hussain , who was the chief gest of workshop, has said that in Indian law HIV Test is must for forigener ,who inter in his country, but in Pakistan it is nothing, so govt should build up law for HIV Test at Airports , Ralway stations, where forigener inter in Pakistan.I will put this question in Parliament and request to priminister for make a law.He added.

Dr.Zahid Saddar,Program Coordinator of Sindh Health & Education Development Society (SHEDS) has said that in Pakistan main resaon of HIV spreading is Injecting Drug Users, it is up to 70% , while MSW is second largest Factor, mostly child abuse at Railway stations, Bus stations, Industerial areas, Jails and other places were highly reported.Hijras is also a third biggest factor for spreading HIV.Unfortunitely in Modren World we are until using those syrnge that used again and is dangerous situtation in rural areas, where un skilled doctor use one syringe more then 3 to 4 time,in some urban areas same satution.DR Zahid claimed

He added, Many problems we can solve through Adovocacy and Awareness.People should stop to those Doctor who using one syringe for more then one time, it is crime, people should inform police station if any one doing crime, second Goverenment should brought one time used syringe.Through this we can stop not only spreading of HIV, but also Hepatites and other viral diseases. Awareness is best Diagnose, but here mostly Doctor havn't know about HIV/AIDS , how it spread.Dr. zahid said.

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