Think twice cos love is not blind

Oteasefour and his girlfriend oteasewaa went to commit suicide on the thirtieth floor at John Ross Building,so that God can officiate their wedding in heaven.
Their plan was to jump off the building at the same time at the count of three.
So,after the count, oteasefour jumped off but oteasefour didn't jump.she looked back and said:"Love is blind but am not blind.
She then walked away as oteasefour got to the Air,he opened his Parachute and said:"Though,I'm madly in love,but not mad to die for love!
Now Question Is??
Who Cheated Between The Two Of Them??

Author: Oteasefour the musician. WhatsApp 0243501140


Popkid | 3/25/2021 9:15:45 AM

The girl was the one that cheated

Quality | 6/27/2021 8:48:13 PM

The girl

Kate | 4/10/2022 9:17:20 PM

the boy

Seraphim | 6/29/2022 1:58:22 PM

The boy..... because if the girl were to jump she will die and the boy knows he has a parachute


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