26.04.2020 Feature Article

Listen, National Conscience In Turmoil!

Listen, National Conscience In Turmoil!
LISTEN APR 26, 2020

Dear Elder Samuel Ofusu Ampofo, greetings from Binduri.

It is said that when the handshake exceeds the elbow, then it is no longer a handshake. Mrs. Jean Mensah's ego has grown bigger than Prez Nana Addo's stomach and she seems to have overgrown advice and wise counsel. Her incorrigible recalcitrance neither respects our courts, accepts the real fact that IPAC is a key stakeholder and decision-maker in our election decisions for which reason it must have its views on elections highly considered nor care for the health of Ghanaians.

He that invites the evil wind must make sure that his tent is solidly made. The sound of the bitter cola is never commensurate with its taste, Jean Mensah has an evil agenda to gerrymander election 2020. The NDC as a party of which you're the National Chairman must be equal to every antics the NPP through the EC will always come with.

We have gotten to a stage where electoral violence will be inevitable, diplomacy, compromise and our courts won't help you. We need to deal with the EC with brute force, violence and Machiavellian tactics!

We are in a period of unprecedented times, our world is faced with the greatest pandemic of our time, social gathering is banned and that includes religious activities, for the first time in history our schools are closed indefinitely, churches and mosques have not been able to congregate for the past 1 month, the only exception to this ban on gathering is restricted to only 25 individuals. Any violation of the directive against public gatherings is punishable by a jail sentence pursuant to Regulation 1 sub-section 1 of EI 65 and section 6 of Act 1012.

Apostle Sampson Agakpe and two of his church workers have been sentenced to 4 years in prison for defying this directive. The EC mobilized over 40 officials in Accra for a workshop that's geared towards equipping them with skills for the conduct of a new voter's register. Before then Hon. Sam George had earlier secured an Ex-Parte injunction restraining the EC from gathering for that purpose. Surprisingly enough, the EC defied that court injunction and went ahead with the training. So the fundamental question is, is the Jean Mensah led EC above the laws of Ghana, or do they live and operate on a planet of their own?

Is a new voter's register even necessary? Did it not produce the current President without any electoral dispute? And is it not by virtue of the current register that has made it possible for Jean Mensah to lead the EC? Has she not used it to conduct a referendum which in her own words was very successful with a 97% turnout? Did she not use it to conduct our district assembly elections, which was also a success? The fundamental question is why does Jean Mensah want to compile a new voter's register? What's her motivation?

Now let's look at her modalities for the proposed voter's register. According to the CI presented to parliament by the EC, the only proof of qualification for the new voter's ID is the Ghana card. Previous exercises of this nature has often captured driver's licenses, Passports, existing voter's ID among others. So what has suddenly changed that one needs a Ghana card as the only proof to register?

Mr. Chairman, I know you would have asked the EC this, but kindly repeat it and this time make it public for the citizens to hear you out, how many citizens have the Ghana card? Majority of Ghanaians don't have it, and it's worse in our strongholds. That's the strategy Ken Attafuah's NIA deployed. My polling station in Binduri, Nayoko No.2 Primary School to be precise has a current registered population of over 1500 people. Less than 300 of this 1500 registered voter's has the Ghana card, the remaining 1300 which includes me, and others who have recently turned 18 years does not have the Ghana card and are not eligible to register under Jean Mensah's terms, in effect our votes won't count. This is the current state of our strongholds.

Allow them to compile a new voter's register under their current terms to our own peril. If they insist on compiling a new register under their current conditions, meet them with violence. A civil revolution. In politics it is called positive defiance! That would be better than watching them to disenfranchise us, which will keep them in power in perpetuity and subject us to slavery in our own country.

Jean Mensah is leading us to a funeral parlour for selfish considerations, she's been manipulated by Nana Addo and his henchmen, the earlier you make them understand your readiness of meeting their war drums with war drums the better. They are trying the mighty NDC, the revolutionaries of our time and we must make history repeat itself.

Mind you, the judiciary is compromised and would always favour them, the only way to get justice is on the streets.

I predicted the dismissal of Mrs. Charlotte Osei, the introduction of the Ghana card and the fact that it would be a basis for the compilation of a new voter's register, the determination of the judiciary to aid their impunity of which I petitioned your predecessor, parliament, peace council etc all to no avail. Where is Mrs. Charlotte Osei today?

We still have time, at the NDC headquarters, we have 2 individuals who can make the EC's arrogance with the necessary violence required, Hon. Joshua Akamba and Chief Sofo Azoka are equal to this task, release them to work, there's no need sidelining them the way you have.

Finally understand that we the myriads of you will not forgive you if you allow these all die be die hoodlums to subvert our sovereign will. We cannot let posterity judge this matter. It is time for defiance if the world should end with it, so be it!

Yours in anger
The Binduri gods mouthpiece
Dauda Assibid

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