17.04.2020 Feature Article

COVID-19 In Ghana: Lessons To Be Learned

COVID-19 In Ghana: Lessons To Be Learned
LISTEN APR 17, 2020

A lot of lessons to be learned from this partial lockdown. People who have been hit are entrepreneurs who are not into the sale or production of comestibles, private school teachers, etc.

This season of partial lockdown presents a nice opportunity for all of us to reflect, rethink and properly prepare ourselves for the unforeseen.

Relying on a single stream of income in this country is economically unhealthy. Refusing to make provisions for the future is equally suicidal.

This is not the time to complain. No matter how small your income is, you can still put some aside for a rainy day. Cut down on needless expenses; alcohol, women, clothing (when you don't need them), expensive gadget (when you are a low-income earner), unnecessary hangout etc.

Tell me, are you comfortable asking your family and friends for money every day? It's time to walk that dream. Put your ideas on paper and aggressively work towards achieving it. It's doable, charle. Start something! The "big man" you so admire started small.

My dear sister, you don't need a physical store/container before you can start that business. Go digital! Yes, make use of the internet. Money? You don't need 100 million dollars to start that business. Use the little you have and watch it germinate.

Don't eat, sleep and watch TV throughout this season. Take some time off and plan. Put your ideas on paper. And if you have internet access, don't waste all your time on Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Go to YouTube --- there is a lot to learn.

Always remember to Build Your Ark Before It Rains.

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