24.03.2020 Feature Article

Using The Dull Machetes – A Wrong Method Of Politicking

Using The Dull Machetes – A Wrong Method Of Politicking
24.03.2020 LISTEN

We all like to think we are too smart, but when it comes to politics, most of us are pretty stupid in our own way. Issues that are at stake are complex and confusing. Most of us do not have all the information to make perfectly rational decisions, and when surveyed about issues such as healthcare, some of us have absolutely nothing to offer to our country and people.

Currently, we have an emergency health situation on ground. A situation that requires every Liberian citizen to unite and work together as a strong team to kick the coronavirus pandemic out of Liberia.

But then, it has seemed much more complex and confusing to others. If they are not blaming the president and his officials, they are sitting to ataya centers confusing health issues with politics. What is so frustrating is that some people who claim to love their country and people, though they are from the other side of the political spectrum, have found desired pleasure in politicising the whole situation.

Knowing that coronavirus (COVID-19) is a deadly pandemic, instead of them establishing healthy-related taskforce to educate the people in their various communities and neighborhoods on the spread and preventive measures of the virus like other national leaders in the CDC-led government are doing, they are happily playing politics out of it, making mockery of the health situation and instilling fear in our people.

They think that the epidemics of the coronavirus pandemic is only meant for President George Weah and officials of the CDC-led government, not knowing that the virus attacks and evades any individual, any religion, any race, any tribe, any ethnic group, and any political leader or institution.

Some of them have even started lying to our people in their communities that the country is going to be sprayed and that people should stay indoor until otherwise. What a blatant lie!

Italians that have reported over thousand of deaths and thousands of confirmed cases have not sprayed their country. The United States of America has not also done such.

In fact, the New York Times recently reported that without swift action, parts of the United States will run out of ventilators in the coming weeks. Early signals from New York and Seattle are alarming: both cities are already reporting intensive care unit bed shortages and looming ventilator shortages, weeks before the estimated peak of the projected coronavirus caseload.

Here in Liberia, President Weah has done his best. The health workers are doing their best to safe our people from the coronavirus pandemic. Compare America's situation to that of Liberia. Will you still conclude that America is not doing anything to eradicate the coronavirus? Or will you say that Liberia is far ahead of America in terms of medical equipments?

Where did the spraying machine come from and where did it pass to enter the country? Those people and their minions must stop misinforming our people. We have only three confirmed cases in our country and our health workers are tirelessly working day and night in an effort to handle the matter and contain the spread of the disease. President Weah is doing everything humanly possible to develop Liberia, make it safe for every Liberian.

H.E. George Weah, President and Osagyefo, a man who leads by example and seeks the progress of the company he leads, has already laid the premise by following all the international health protocols and those formulated by the Ministry of Health and National Public Health Institute of Liberia, and has encouraged all Liberian citizens to carefully do same.

He has mandated that all schools, mosques, churches, clubs and entertainment centers remain closed; hotels, restaurants, bars and grills accept five-ten persons at a time. He is a leader that listens to the call of his people.

At this critical juncture, we would like to caution everyone not to panic. Don't listen to those who care less about the health situation in our country. Don't listen to their lies. Don't let them stereotype you. Only listen to President Weah and do what the health experts say.

Always carefully observe the precautionary measures of the coronavirus pandemic. Avoid public gathering, observe social distancing, avoid going to crowded areas. We can assure you that the epidemics of this virus will be contained as there has been better health policies formulated by our health team.

Thanks to President Weah and his team of health experts for ensuring that the health of Liberia and Liberians is of high concern.