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Fearless; A short fictional story by S Kojo Frimpong

By Kojo Frimpong
Fearless; A short fictional story by S Kojo Frimpong

Out of the crowd gathered at the scene, He came out of nowhere, stood in front of the armed robbers Unarmed. Spoke out loud with confidence and boldness. One could feel a burning flame in the words that came out of his mouth. And in his eyes one could see the look of an angered beast trying to unleash from within him. Just one could stare at the robbers sent shivers and cold through their spines. Right in front of the crowd was I with a gun pointed at my head. With four men armed to the teeth threatening to run a bullet through my brains. With a cold smile, I spoke out loud

"What makes you think I fear death anyway

I have held live bodies in my arm and watched them turn cold

I watched as life bodies turn lifeless

Even to the extent of helping some go quick

I gave them quick and painless death

I dare you pull that trigger right now

For I have seen worse than this

And worse than this I have done

I watched people in the eye, and they felt colder than death itself

I don't care about where I will die, when, and how I will die

We shall all be carried shoulder high to six feet below

The ground in our wooden self contained

Even if the guns do not talk to the skies when I am gone,

Heavens will talk to the earth with a deep mighty roar"

With this one of the gunmen shockingly left his weapon on the ground. I walked to him took the gun and gave it back to him. He was shaking as if being kept in a deep freezer already. I continued

"Kill me, I am not alive

Take my life, I have none

My life is less, I am lifeless

I love my life, its distasteful

Pity me not, I pity you

Brave hearts, Cowards! You are'

Bravery is standing on your own without help

Bravery is standing up for others

Helping less the helpless

Is cowardice, think twice

These people are helpless against your arms

Spare them and take mine,I have nothing"

As I spoke I went closer, held the Ak 47 riffle and pointed it to my head, shot I ordered. And there he stood shivering with his rifle in hand and sweating like it was raining on him. Walking to him he shouted

"Move no further or you will force me to shot"

"I...I...I...mean it" he continued stammering

Still moving forward as he was unheard of but right in front of me he stood. He shot and missed even though I was close enough to him. I smiled calmly stretched my hands and held the gun, pointed it to the ground and ordered the hostages to go. Seeing to it that all hostages are freed,I turned the guns back pointing at me. One attempted attacking from behind but without looking back I grabbed him by the neck and there we stood with his legs dangling in the air. His colleagues upon seeing this took to their heels. Sooner had they left than the police arrived on the scene, cuffed him and drove away. They were just on time to save the dangling man from suffocating. With an applause from the crowd, I jumped back on my bike and disappeared with a flash in the dark. Later that evening it was announced the other three accomplices were found tied at the entrance of the police station. And on the newspapers articles that read

I don't know that man neither have I heard of him but what he did back there was what I term as foolishness not,Rather it was fearlessness, heroism,and bravery, recklessness, but in the end he saved us all

Written By;

S Kojo Frimpong