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22.11.2019 Article

NDP: Decentralisation, Disenfranchisement And Insubordination In Ghana

By Dr. med. Edward Kwame Poku
The Okyenhene, Osagyefo Ofori Panin
NOV 22, 2019 ARTICLE
The Okyenhene, Osagyefo Ofori Panin

The National Democratic Party of Ghana, the true 3rd Party of this Nation, wishes to thank The Okyenhene, Osagyefo Ofori Panin for positively contributing to the discussion on proper decentralisation in Ghana.

The damage to the country and the suffering of this country due to atrocities of Ewes to our nation should guide us in making proper decisions about the future of this nation.

It started with Gen. Kotoka's coup d'etat, an Ewe General, followed by another Ewe, Flight Lt. Rawlings, for almost 19 years in power. Lately, one man single-handedly stole a huge amount of 45 million Dollars through false pretences.

German definition of theft is, for instance, pick-pocketing a victim taking away money from his pocket and not returning it to him. This is according to German law (StGB § 242) theft.

There was jubilation from this theft for it is not a secret that the chiefs from the Volta Region travelled to Accra to congratulate him.

We are now dealing with another incident of an attempted coup by mainly Ewes who have, as I write, have been taken into police custody.

A decentralized Nation I think will make it harder for anyone to make such an attempt. During President Mills' tenure as the Head of State of Ghana over 55 Ewe nationals shared important civil servant positions among themselves, and later described themselves as the World Bank of Ghana.

Enough is enough. There is the overwhelming view that decentralization will not only discourage those who want to destabilize our country but also the effectiveness of such moves will slim. Stealing money will be more difficult and not have such a devastating effect.

Okyenhene must be congratulated by citing some advantages of decentralization mentioning improvement of the education system.

We of the National Democratic Party maintain that the people should be encouraged to cast their “NO-Vote” or their “YES-Vote”. Those who are not for the proposal in the referendum shall just make their wishes clear by voting “NO”.

As a matter of principle:

It is undemocratic and disenfranchising to stop the exercise of voting in a referendum. A party that wants to sabotage the People's expression of sovereignty and take away their rights to the disadvantage of those wishing to vote YES shall not forget that its right to exist is only derived from the fact that it serves the People. Disenfranchising the very base of your existence – the People of Ghana and their right to vote – removes the only reason for your existence. I am talking to you, NDC !!

In conclusion, also as a matter of principle:

We demand that Dan Botwe shall resign his position as caretaker of the Referendum if he claims he wants to stop the Referendum.

Attacks on President Akufo Addo or others should not and can not be a valid reason to deprive Ghanaians from expressing their rights to vote not only as citizens but also as the sovereign of a Democratic Republic.

Recent events in the USA do remind us every day now that

  1. If a civil servant is given a task that is not illegal he is duty-bound to fulfil it.
  2. If he knows the order given it is illegal, he is duty-bound to deny it and turn whistle-blower and witness against the President or whoever issued an illegal order.
  3. If he cannot fulfil his task however, he has to resign to give a better man or woman the chance to succeed where he failed.

What he cannot do though, is to just not act or do what he is supposed or ordered to do. This is insubordination in every civilized democratic society and a punishable offence.

A final thought:

This Referendum has now become a Test for our Democracy. As we are now the fastest growing economy on planet Earth, the world is watching us.

Will we shine again ?

Will the World again write stories about the richness of the Gold Coast, the Prussians of Africa, the first African Nation to gain independence, the most stable and civil transition into democracy after dictatorship ever ?

Or will we disgrace ourselves before the entire world ?

What shall it be ? Worldwide reputation or infamy ?

We are all looking at you, NDC, Ewes, everyone.

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