Inside The People's Plight: A Critique Of President George Manneh Weah UNGA Speech

Feature Article George Weah
SEP 30, 2019 LISTEN
George Weah

The 2019 High-Level week of the United Nations General Assembly started on last Monday, 23rd September, and it will continue today, 30th September. The UNGA is one of the six major organs of the United Nations in which all Member States have equal representation; the 193 Member States are represented in this forum to better discuss and work together on international issues covered by the United Nations charter amongst which are development, peace and security, and international law.

The 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly saw an influx of great World Leaders, Representatives as well as Officials of government who converged at the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York, United States, to present speeches under the theme: "Galvanizing Multilateral Efforts for Poverty Eradication, Quality Education, Climate Action and Inclusion".

On September 25, 2019, Liberia was given the opportunity to reach out to the world on eventualities. Things that are pressing to our country and the world. And those things that are necessary to impact our country's economy and agenda.

Our President mounted the stage. He remembered to honor the 28 persons that died in the recent fire outbreak, he extended congratulations to the newly elected president, His Excellency Professor Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, on his election as President of the Seventy-fourth (74TH) Session of the United Nations General Assembly, and he began to lay the groundwork for us.

In his report, President George Manneh Weah explicitly reported to the UNGA that there are no political prisoners. This statement explains a lot: it means, we have a level playing field unlike past regimes. It also means that we are maintaining the peace and providing the space for dissenting views.

The President was quick to inform the UNGA that there are people who have taken advantage of the democracy and the peaceful space to constantly protest, disturb, rain insults and incite violence. It is clear that the President intend is, to have a harmonious environment void of dramatic political scenes. The belief is, that Liberians can respectfully disagreed and agreed.

As a humble leader, a man of peace and one who has served the United Nations, the President emphasized the efforts of the United Nations in restoring peace to Liberia. Stressing, the President announced that it has been 16 unbroken years of peace. Kudos to the UN for making Liberia her success story. Emphatically, he requested more relationships with the UN to awaken our ruined economy.

All of these will not work when impunity is the order of the day. Therefore, the President requested the establishment of the Economic and War Crimes court. This judgement is to bring to justice anyone who has done us wrong. Such move is tasty enough for every side.

Utilizing the opportunity given us to speak at the UNGA, the President asked for support in all sectors, of which climate change and global actions are inclusive.

Diplomacy has a language, and as such, it is not the normal language out there, as provocateurs are making you to believe. The President touched every sector of Liberia in a fine tone diplomatic position. And our 15 minutes was sufficiently used.

The President was not told to speak recitation. He was speaking in the confines of theme provided. So far, President George Manneh Weah spoke the mind of majority of the Liberians. One of the best speeches ever, I can safely land.