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24.09.2019 Feature Article

The Maternity Leave Problem of Feminine Employment

The Maternity Leave Problem of Feminine Employment
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Employing females come with the problem of maternity leave; just when you need them the most they go on leave with their protruding pregnant belly leaving uncompleted task behind and a vacancy that needs a replacement. The pregnancy has been a hindrance to the employing of females as top level executives and owners worry about losing their service during the leave period. Barely do you see a female top level executive who is still in her parenting age. But employers should remember that three months the time of a qualified expert is worth more than two years of the unqualified personnel.

Maternity is actually a good reason and an advantage to the employment of females. If a company has the smartest self-developing female as an employee, she will build a system with a long term plan in mind and she won’t be missed much when she’s on leave. The key to get the best out of her is to ensure her job security and a mutual trust between her and the company.

The best thing to happen to a female and her company is maternity leave. To the company and our pregnant lady, a maternity leave is a self-development leave with a baby background. Whether she is a skilled or a knowledge worker, the period of the leave is a period of self-study and development. ‘Leave’; it’s time to be spent on the reading of new books about leadership, management and problem solving from the best-selling authors and as well as learning of some computer skills. Delivering of the baby will create irregular schedules but there will still be a little time to continue improving herself.

Upon return from maternity leave many find it challenging in getting their old position back and might even be settling for a demotion with the fear of being laid-off into the jobless market. Of course this is not common in the government sector where job security is ensured and promotion is based on long term service and advancement in degree. The knowledge of a person does not matter until she has a paper to show for it, and this has created a culture of inefficiency in our public sector where people take study leave only with the aim of getting a promotion.

Maternity leave is not a problem of a smart cultured company with smart employees; ‘hallelujah’ is sung to the return of the mother with her new knowledge to add to the companies’ human resources. It will be a blessing to have her back in her old position and within a short time the value of her maternity leave will shoot her up on the rank with the company ripping the benefit. Smartness is not an element on the periodic table so when you find one on the street or in your company, grab and keep.

You can’t just have a company of irregularities and expect to get the best out of your employees and the luxury of attracting the best. The culture of your company has to be smart to attract and keep smart personnel. Employers and owners should analyze themselves and ask the question, do I panic when the ladies take a maternity leave? If the answer is yes then your company is not running a smart culture and or you’ve been employing the wrong people. Change how you see problems and think of it as an opportunity and you won’t miss out on the advantages anymore.

Multiples of Georgina Woods’ walk on our street unemployed or in the wrong position of their jobs, you just have to change your mentality as an employer, change your company culture and you can see and attract the best personnel. You need them and they need you.

Ebenezer Adusei
Ebenezer Adusei, © 2019

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