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20.06.2019 Opinion

Are Our Schools, Markets, Hospitals, And Shopping Centers Safe?

By Rich Akpalu
Makola Market
JUN 20, 2019 OPINION

We have achieved much success as a nation in raising the alarm and training churches in security matters. We have also raised the level of security control at our borders, especially in the north. This is laudable, and those involved deserve our praises.

However, there remains an undeniable concern that our schools are still vulnerable. Likewise, our market places, shopping centers, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. Meanwhile, these are the alternative targets of terrorists if we should trace the footprints they left in other countries. The risk of terror attack on these key but unsecured places, despite the progress made to improve security at churches and mosques, remains high; thus, beckoning us to be proactive and put in certain measures to enhance security at these places.

According to a revelation from the LORD, we should also be concerned about people here in Ghana who are illegally manufacturing rifles and other weapons. If the Police Service want to help us Ghanaians, the time is now – to start searching out, by their intelligence, houses being used to manufacture and warehouse such weapons within the cities.

One other thing we need to be most concerned about is the vigilante groups on truce. I tell you, these groups are neither banned nor dead. They are still alive but on recess. AND THIS IS THE BEST TIME FOR THE POLICE TO DECLARE WAR ON THEM UNAWARES TO RETRACT THE WEAPONS THEY ONCE USED. This also is the time to keep an eye after them, so as to stop any effort they are making underground to marshal up their forces ahead of next year’s election. The two major political parties still have vigilante groups, and it is intelligence if the police launches a gorilla attack on them now.

Finally, as a security concern, I wish to encourage all travelers to pray for the covering of the Blood of Jesus Christ as they travel short and long distances. They should not condone any inappropriate act by their drivers. I entreat us all to watch and pray. God bless our homeland Ghana!

Written by: Rich Akpalu

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