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Should Your Partner Have Access To Your Password?

By Kaunda
Should your partner have access to your password?
Should your partner have access to your password?

"Of course YES! What are you hiding".

It's a straight away answer to most. And lots of people share their password with their partner.

According to Kaspersky Lab, 70% of partners share passwords.

Few weeks ago, in one of your Software Development training classes, Mansura Ussiph asked Ïssã Møhãmmëd (Jalil)

"Why have you put password on your phone?"

I was just by them and didn't even wait for Ïssã Møhãmmëd to reply.

"Why shouldn't he put a password on his phone. Or better still, why shouldn't he lock his room?"

"Why should you lock your wife and children out of your room?" Mansura Ussiph asked.


This is a heavy question. I'v bn caught pant down, kind of.

I scratched my head for a while, and came back strongly

"I can convince you on WHY you should put password on your phone, and MUST NOT SHARE with anyone, not even your PARTNER"- I said.

"You can't convince Mansura" - Jalil said.

If I can't then there are two things involve.

  1. Maybe I'v not made my mind to convince her.

  2. She will sleep, wake up and realize I'v convince her, but she won't admit publicly.

Then I told them about the lady who swear never to be on Facebook.

I asked her WHY she doesn't want to go to facebook.

"I don't have a reason to go"- She said.

Kaunda: If I give you reason, will you create an account right away?

Lady: Lots of people have tried but their reasons are not convincing.

Kaunda: I can convince you.

Lady: How

Kaunda: Now, listen to this data: In 1995, only 1% of the world population was online. Today, more than 50% of the world are online. If you take only the youth, 70% are currently online. I strongly believe by 2035, everyone will be online. Except those who are too old to, or those who are too young to or those who don't want to. You should be about 35 - 40 years then, and your first child will be about 15-18 years. Wont you like to monitor your children's behavior?

Look, Parents have never had a better place to monitor their children than now. Online is a new world, and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If they are able to hide their activities from you, then your a stranger online. Why not start learning how social media works now, so that you can monitor your children later.

When you get married, don't think your partner is always in a room means he's a good guy. He might be a big time gay in his own room"

Lady: Really?

Kaunda: Wo na wo wo hy3 no.

We laughed over it but she still insisted.

"That is a reasonable reason. But I still don't feel like going. Maybe someday"

So I told Jalil "Unless Mansura behaves like this lady. I'm going to convince her today"

mansura: You can't.

Kaunda: I can paa.

"So, what's your reason for putting password on your phone, that you won't even give to your wife"- Mansura asked.

Kaunda Ibn Ahmed : First of all, there is a myth regarding password. Not everyone has LOVE CHAT to hide. Not everyone lock his/her phone cos of communication with someone else.

Unfortunately, this is what comes to our mind when someone says : I will not give you my password"

There are two main reasons you shouldn't dare share your password with your partner or anyone.

Reason 1: Others Privacy

Lots of your friends have their chat on your phone now.

a) Your childhood friends who ask you for money or some support.

b) Your family members who share their marital issues with you.

c) You friend who told you she's going to do Abortion(probably, and died through it)

d) Imagine if your are a marriage counselor. Your clients will chat you a lot of their marriage issues. Or let's say your a medical doctor. People will chat you different kinds of illness, which no one except themselves knows, and because they need solution, they will chat you too. Why will you want to share someone's health or marital challenges with your partner?"

Or say you are a lawyer, why will you want your partner to have access to your clients legal cases.

She didn't answer.

Lemme add another good reason.

"In hacking or social engineering, there is something called *Weakest link*.

Example: Let's say your father has phd in Computer Science or say he is the President. By his knowledge it will be very very difficult to hack him directly or do Social Engineering(419) on him to get his password. But I can easily do social engineering on you and get your phone. If I tell you to give your phone to make a call, you won't hesitate.

Once I have your phone, the first thing to look out for is to check a chat you've done with your father. If he has ever sent you ATM pin, or email password, or any secret I can easily get it.

In this scenario, you are the weakest link. And through you, I'v hack your father.

The more you share your password the more you broaden your attack surface. Basically, once you share password, you've weaken your security by 50% straight up.

For this same reason(Weakest Link) if you don't even have ANYTHING important on your phone, u must still put password on else someone will use you as the weakest link to hack another person.

Assuming he is the president, I can also channel my social engineering on any DCE|MCE|Ministers. Through them I can get the presidents number. " I told her.

Mansura Ussiph : "OK, why not put password on those apps, and not the entire phone?"- Mansura asked.

Kaunda: "33bob) ba" I said.

Mansura: "Nooo oooh, you have not convince me koraa. no" - she quickly said.

And that was how our conversation ended.

Aren't these two points convincing enough? Hajia Mariam

In fact, there is third point WHY you should not share your password with your partner.

Marriage is "For better for Worse". But not all are a such. Between 2006 - 2014, records from Accra Metropolitan Authority showed that 4,080 divorces were recorded. What about those breakups that the assembly don't even have a clue.

In the same research Kaspersky Lab also found out that 21% of respondents said they spy their partner after break up because they have access to their online account, and 12% said they have shared (or wanted to share) their partners password online as a revenge.

On this note, I hope I'v convince any who things sharing password is part of love, and not doing it means you've got some dirty stuff up your sleeves.

I'd love to hear you argue FOR or AGAINST at the comment section below. Alternatively, let's link up on facebook, if that is where you are active always.

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