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When buying a used truck technical information is far from all to consider. As a rule, people interested in selling a vehicle may hide or omit certain facts about it. Very often, the disclosure of such facts can significantly lower the value of car on sale, which is why sellers prefer to keep silent about them. This way, a potential buyer may unknowingly purchase a truck without giving a second thought of the damages that this truck may have. Buying a damaged vehicle is not only a bad purchase but a threat to one's health and life.

The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a code used to identify vehicles. VIN can come in handy when buying or selling a truck since good car history is one of the primary factors potential buyers pay attention to. In order to check how VIN checking services for trucks work, visit the page CAR FAX VIN and learn everything you need to know. It is not merely a way to save yourself from an unpredictable disappointment, but a serious life and health protective measure.

Truck History Report
VIN checkers, as well as VIN decoders for trucks, provide truck owners with detailed vehicle history report. However, VIN check reports is more comprehensive and full. This report includes the following information:

  • Incurred damages
  • Accidents
  • Odometer reading
  • Thefts,
  • Reported liens

Truck history report contains an information that would be of use to many parties: truck drivers and trucking companies, dealers and lenders, auction houses and insurers. The data for this report is gathered from governmental organizations' reports and other external sources. It is performed in 3 steps:

  1. Decoding WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier) from the first 3 characters.
  2. Decoding technical aspects with the next 6 characters - VDS (Vehicle Description Section).
  3. Decoding the rest of information with the 8 characters left - VIS (Vehicle Identification Section).


The Benefits of VIN check
First of all, having the truck's VIN decoder for you, you make sure you know everything the vehicle has been subjected to by its previous owners. Most importantly, you ensure that the truck is not stolen or seriously damaged. However, there is still a possibility that the code has been changed by thieves. Therefore, it is important to carefully check the code and make sure it looks untouched.

VIN Decoding and VIN Check
VIN decode and VIN check are the two services that you may want to pay attention to. VIN decoders are free of charge and provide potential buyers with basic information on a vehicle. This includes some information on truck's history, OEM recalls, year of manufacturing, truck value, etc. VIN check services are not always free, however, they give a more profound information on truck's price, recalls, history of accidents, and damages. The full report you receive is several pages long and includes the comprehensive information on the car. With such a report, you are free to make an independent estimation of its value and suggest a reasonable price, taking into account the data received.

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