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Lonely Hearts (Fiction)

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It feels very awful to be betrayed by someone who is so dear to your heart. Such were the words that came out of Emily’s mouth as tears rolled down her cheeks. As the only child of her parents, Emily was well treated and pampered. She was given proper care and attention as well as the best of education. When Emily entered into the senior high school, she was very quiet, cool and respectful. She never carried her shoulders so high like other rich kids do. Normally at her leisure times, she was always found seated quietly at the library reading some story books. It was on one of these occasions that she met Cyril, the boy’s prefect of the school. Cyril was very popular on campus not because he was the boy’s prefect but because he was very brilliant, charming and handsome. In addition to that, he had also won much educational awards for his school and had become the favourite student of teachers and some of his colleagues as well. He picked a history pamphlet and sat close to Emily who was busy reading her book. She didn’t even notice that someone had joined her on her table. It was when Cyril coughed that she noticed his presence and before she could say anything, Cyril introduced himself and stretched his hand for a handshake but Emily on the other hand, kept starring at him like she has seen a ghost

Hello! why are you staring at me like that?
Sorry, was all Emily could manage to say. I'm Cyril and you are? Emily, she said softly. Right after introducing herself, she quickly took her eyes off him and started reading her book once again. Errm! please if u don't mind, can we be friends? Cyril asked her but Emily's mind seemed far away because she didn't even hear him speak. Are you okay dear? Cyril asked knowing very well that her mind seemed so far away. Oooh! sorry please, were you by any chance speaking to me? Emily said to him. Yeah, I was asking if we could be friends. Do you really want me to be your friend? Emily asked him. Why not, why can't a pretty and descent girl like you be my friend. Okay then, request granted, Emily said with a smile, and that's how their friendship started.

Though Emily was in her second year, while Cyril was in her final year but they seemed to enjoy each other's company. Saturday evenings were a very busy day for students of Holy Angel Senior High due to the fact that they had enough time to chat and enjoyed their entertainment shows too. Since Emily appeared to be the cool type, she never bothered to be part of the entertainment session but for this particular Saturday, Emily got nicely dressed and headed straight to the entertainment hall. It was the first time she was stepping a foot there just to also experience how it feels like to be part of the entertainment session.

As she entered, she heard people making noise from all corners of the hall indicating that, they were really having a good time. The entertainment program for that evening was supposed to be spelling competition between the various house's but due to some reasons best known to the entertainment masters, it was postponed to the following week. Therefore, the spelling competition was replaced with request night and that particular program was what the students loved most. People were seen requesting songs for loved ones, while others requested to dance with others. Unfortunately for Emily, Cyril had gone forward to make a request when she entered. Just as Cyril took the microphone to make a request, he saw Emily leaning beside a wall in one corner of the hall looking as calm as always. He immediately had a change of mind. He had actually wanted to request a song for all final year students and one of the powerful girls on campus but planned to stop and request for something else after seeing Emily.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I request to dance with Emily Dery,"he said". As shy as Emily was, she tried hiding her face but it was too late for her. Cyril got to her and took her to the dancing stage. A cool music was played for them and they danced to the tune of it. Though Emily was shy, but in the middle of the dance, she became confident and threw all shyness behind her. She really enjoyed herself as she was a very good dancer. In fact, it was the dream of every girl on campus to dance with charming Cyril as he was popularly called. Meanwhile, Lucia on the hand was very furious with Cyril for choosing Emily over her and she kept eyeing them till the show ended. All too soon, it was time to go to bed. Lucia and her friends left the hall as soon as possible planning what to do next. Cyril on the hand also gave Emily a handshake to thank her for not turning down his request. Emily left Cyril after the handshake and headed to her dormitory. On her way to the dormitory, she heard someone calling her name.

She turned and there was no one around so she quickly hurried and left the place. Back at the queen's towers dormitory, Lucia sat on her bed unable to sleep. She recalled how Cyril had gone forward to make a request and chose Emily over her. She simply couldn't think far as to why that happened. She kept starring at the ceiling as if she was waiting on it for an answer. She was deeply hurt and lost in thought. She kept wondering what was special about Emily that made the boy of her dreams chose to dance with her. Little by little, she kept asking herself so many questions without any answers to it. Finally, she was able to gather herself to sleep. In her sleep, she dreamt of a beautiful future with Cyril but unfortunately for her, her dream was spoiled by a very loud noise which made her including the rest of the students in queen's towers dormitory stayed awake. The noise came from one corner of the room. Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Natalie screamed and kept shaking. Calm down Natalie, what happened? Bella, the dormitory prefect said.

Oh! my God, this is really getting serious, Bella said. Not long ago, it was Jane who said she saw a huge snake under her bed. We combed everywhere in the dormitory but found nothing and now you are also saying you've seen a. ............... Ghost! Ghost! Natalie cut in. Hey! keep quiet. Just shut up before I slap out the fear in you. I was having a very wonderful dream but you ruined everything with your foolishness, Lucia fumed. Please stop this Lucia, and let's think of the way forward as to how we are going to find answers to this mystery, Bella signalled to Lucia. Hell no! Bella, do you know what I'm going through? If you were in my shoes, you would have understood me very well, Lucia angrily said. Bella left Lucia to herself and went on to open the door. She called Natalie to come and told the rest of their mates that they were going to see their house mistresses and report the whole incident to them but out of fear, the rest of the students urged Bella to take them along. So they all left the dormitory and headed straight to the bungalow of the house mistresses. On their arrival, they were all completely at sea as to why the door of the mistresses were left opened without being closed in the middle of the night. Bella boldly entered the room and to her surprise, there was no one in the room. She kept calling the names of their mistresses but to no avail. She came out and said to the rest, " There's no one in the room ". What? they all said.

Just as they turned to go back to their dormitory, they heard a strange noise which scared them the more. What are you all doing outside? Miss Maria, one of their house mistresses asked. They saw her from afar and they all began running away but she said "it's me why are you running away ". It was when she got close to them that they became a little bit relaxed. What are you doing outside at this time of the night, she asked once again. Ermm! madam, we had come to report an incident to you but we found your door opened and no one was around so we thought it wise to wait here till you come Lucia said. Okay, go ahead and tell me exactly what happened said Miss Maria. Madam, Bella began. We were all enjoying the comforts of our beds when Natalie started screaming Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! and as scared as we were, we decided to come and inform you but we discovered, both you and Mrs. Hagan were not around and aside that, your door was left opened.

After Bella had finished explaining everything to Miss Maria, she also became very scared but didn't want the students to notice it. I took Mrs. Hagan to the hospital when she started complaining of pains in her abdomen and didn't even noticed we left the door opened. But all the same, you all go back to your dormitory and sleep but remember to pray before you go to bed. I will personally inform the principal as soon as she comes to campus tomorrow. Goodnight to you all and one more thing, remember to switch off the light, she cautioned. Eeeeii madam, they all shouted. How can we switch off the light and sleep after this incident. Very well then, you can sleep with the light on just for today, said Miss Maria. Thank you madam, they all said and left. Back at the dormitory, everyone returned to her bed to sleep. Lucia on the other hand, closed her eyes so hard to catch some sleep and also continue being in her dream world. As she expected, she had another dream but this time around, it was scarier. In her dream, she saw a monster sleeping with her. "JESUS”, she shouted with her eyes still closed and sweating profusely.

The next morning at the assembly hall, the principal of Holy Angel Senior High, Mrs. Valentina, ordered all the masters on duty to see to it that, there is sanity among all the students due to an incident that led to the dismissal of one student, Jonathan Boakye. Jonathan was the boy's chaplain and everyone thought he was an angel until he proved to be a wolf in a sheep's skin. Jonathan was very handsome and brilliant in addition to that. On Sundays at church service, he always sang to make everyone filled with the spirit of the Lord. He had a melodious voice like that of Lucifer. In fact, the gentle life he led made him a role model to most of the students. When it came to academics, he was simply fantastic. Therefore, when anyone came to him for help, he resolved to do barter trade with them. As the saying goes on, "Nothing comes for free", he also made sure to get whatever he wanted before lending a helping hand to someone. This went on for a long time and usually it was females that went to him for help. Despite the fact that he was a chaplain, he had dirty sex with female students who sorted for academic assistance from him. He would usually say to his victims, "meet me after 6pm”, so i can get enough time to teach you everything you need to know. Because he was a prefect, chaplain to be precise, he needed no exeat before he could go out to the teachers’ bungalow which was a few miles away from the school. So whenever a female student came to him, he would say follow me to the teachers bungalow so I can teach you everything and avoid noise from noise makers on campus. Once he got the go ahead, he would take you to a friend's house instead of the teachers’ bungalow to seduce you before you got any help from him and almost all the ladies who came to him fell in his trap due to the fact that he was handsome. This went on for a long time till he was finally caught red-handed on the act by the history master, Mr. Attoh.

The matter was later reported to the principal and he was dismissed from the school. Cyril sat next to Emily at the assembly hall and kept laughing at every funny comment his friends made. He pinched Emily at her back and waited for her reaction. Aaaaaaaw! Cyril, Emily said. Let's concentrate else we will be in trouble. Oooh! Forget dear, trouble my foot. See try your best and meet me at the school's canteen after class okay? Cyril said. But Cyril, Emily tried saying something but was warned by the discipline prefect to keep quiet. Mrs. Valentina brought her announcements to an end and ordered everyone to go to his or her class. They all dispersed to their various classes as ordered. Miss Maria looked on as the students left the assembly hall. Just then, she heard her phone ring. It was a call from St. Peter's hospital where Mrs. Hagan had been admitted. She quickly answered.

Hello! Is this Miss Maria? The caller asked. Yes please, Miss Maria on the line she said. I'm Doctor Benson from St. Peter's hospital he said. Okay, I see, so how's my friend Hagan doing? She asked. Madam, I have called to inform you that, you can now come and discharge her, doctor Benson said. Thank God, that's good news. Miss Maria said and headed straight to the principal's office.

It was break time and Emily sat on a bench at the school's canteen waiting anxiously for Cyril. Lucia and her friends were also present at the school's canteen. Miss Maria on the other hand was full of smiles after hearing from Doctor Benson as she headed to the principal's office. Good day Madam, Miss Maria greeted. Good day Maria, how may I help you? Mrs. Valentina asked. One thing Miss Maria did not like about Mrs. Valentina was that, she was a straight - forward person and was hardly seen laughing. She always seemed to be busy and was authoritative as well. Thanks madam, off late, something mysterious had been going on in the Girl's dormitory. Just recently in the queen's towers dormitory, one of the students complained of seeing a huge snake under her bed and this was followed by Natalie, your daughter, complaining of also seeing a Ghost just yesterday, Miss Maria said. Are you sure about what you are saying? Mrs. Valentina asked. Miss Maria seemed to be offended by the question she was asked but she swallowed hard and said, “Yes, am very sure ". This is very serious, then I guess I will have to make the head pastor of the school aware and organise a one week prayer and fasting for all the girls in the boarding house. Holy Angel Senior High, was a Catholic school and the head pastor was Reverend father Benjamin Arthur but was popularly called father Arthur by the students. Back at the school's canteen, Emily had waited for fifteen minutes and there was no sign of Cyril coming, so she stood up to go and get some snacks. Just then, someone tapped her at the back. She turned, and lo and behold, there stood Lucia and her friends.

Hey! You, what are you doing here? Lucia asked. Ermmm................... sister please, I............... came here to............... Hey! Are you a stammer? Anita, a friend of Lucia asked. Don't sister me, just tell me, what on earth are you doing here? Lucia said. I............. came here to buy Ermmm.......... some snacks, Emily said. Oh! Point of correction, this place is the school's canteen for God's sake, Stella, another friend of Lucia cut in. See who's talking, Lucia said. What will you get by harassing an innocent girl, huh, tell me, Stella said. Demm! Fuck you, Stella, Anita said angrily. Oooh, I can see she's bought you with her money, Anita, aren’t you ashamed of yourself for always supporting what's wrong? Stella asked. Now, hey you nasty girl, listen to me very carefully, the next time I see you anywhere near Cyril, I swear, you will have me to contend with, Mark my words, Lucia said. Come on girls, let's leave, said Lucia. You can leave for all I care, am not following you anymore, you bitch, Stella said. I curse you girl, how dare you call Lucia a bitch, Anita said facing her. Just then, Lucia gave Stella the slap of her life. She was about to do it again, when someone held her hand. They all turned to see who it was and guess who it was, Cyril Bruce with Jude his friend.

Hey! Dude, what's up with you? What makes you so furious and why did you slap her? Cyril asked. Ermmm........ Excuse me please, Emily said and left. I asked you a question Lucia, Cyril said. Oooh, that, let's forget dear, we were only having a little misunderstanding over an issue of less importance, Lucia said. So you call this a little misunderstanding right? I don't want to have anything to do with you ever again in my life, Stella said and walked out on them. Can someone really tell me what's going on here? Jude said. Okay, fine, if you said you were only having a little misunderstanding with Stella, then what about Emily, why was she involved? Cyril asked. Ermmm.......... don't really know what she was doing here so please can we now have some snacks? Lucia said trying to ignore Cyril's question. Just as they were about to get seated, there came the sound of the syrine indicating that it was break over so they hurriedly left to their various classes.

Miss Maria on the hand, excused herself from the principal's office. She entered the form three science class, left a note for them to write and left immediately to attend to other issues. She later made a phone call to Doctor Benson and left campus. Meanwhile, Mrs. Valentina thought of what to do about the issue in the girl’s dormitory. She finally smiled and said "Yes, I know what to do ". Though Holy Angel Senior High was a Catholic school but the principal was an occult and that explained the reason why strange things kept happening in the Girls dormitory. This was to scare the students to death in order to gain fame among other principals. Miss Maria entered Mrs. Hagan's ward and was very happy to see her come back to her normal self. She hugged her and said, everything is done now, shall we go back to campus? Suddenly, Mrs. Hagan began shaking as her face dropped. No, Maria, I don't want to go back to campus, she shouted. But why dear? Miss Maria asked. I saw strange things in our room and had wanted to wake you up to see for yourself but that was when I started feeling pains in my abdomen, Mrs. Hagan said. Miss Maria kept starring at her looking so confused but all the same, she was able to convince Mrs. Hagan to come back to campus.

Why did Cyril asked me to meet him and he never came till Lucia and her friends showed up? Emily said to herself. Cyril on the other hand, couldn't sleep that night as thoughts of Emily flooded his mind. Aaaaaaaw! God, how am I going to explain myself to her the next time I see her. I even forgot I had asked her to meet me at the school's canteen till Jude remembered me. Cyril said. Stella also wondered why Lucia wanted to intimidate Emily. Who does this girl thinks she is? I promise never to have anything to do with her and that stupid fool, Anita, Stella said as she pulled her blanket over her head to sleep. Lucia also hit her hand hard against the wall and thought of how to get Emily to fall into her trap. The next morning at the Girls dormitory, Miss Maria ordered all the girls to come out for a roll call. They all formed a cue according to their various houses. Miss Maria started calling out their names and each and every one responded till it got to Lucia's turn. Lucia Ofori, Miss Maria called but there was no response. Where is she? Miss Maria retorted. Ermmm........... Madam, she's not around and I don't know of her whereabouts, Bella, the dormitory prefect of Queen's towers said. Okay, tell her to see me or Mrs. Hagan when she returns, Miss Maria said. They were about to disperse when Miss Maria called out to them again and told them to wait.

Make sure you tidy up the whole compound and finish with whatever you are doing before 2pm, we have a meeting with the principal, Miss Maria said. Lucia, where did you go early this morning? Bella asked. I................ ermmmm........... Attended nature's call, Lucia lied. Are you saying you attended nature's call for almost half an hour? Bella questioned Lucia. Stop interrogating me Bella, what's your beef about this? Lucia said. Very well then, make sure you see Miss Maria before you come to the dormitory, Bella said and left Lucia to herself. As Lucia headed towards the bungalow of the house mistresses, she thought of what to tell Miss Maria since it was not easy to convince her. Good....... Good morning madam, Lucia greeted. Good morning Lucia and where have you been all this while? Miss Maria asked. I went to the urinal, ermmmmm............ I mean, I attended nature's call, Lucia said. Stop confusing yourself and tell me exactly where you went before I lose control of myself! Miss Maria retorted. I swear madam, I only attended nature's call and I kept long because I have a stomach upset, Lucia lied again. Okay, go back to your dormitory and be ready before 2pm, we have a meeting with the principal, Miss Maria said. Aaah! God, Lucia breathed, I nearly got myself into trouble.

For almost two years, Lucia had been given financial assistance to Cyril and thought of it as a point to blackmail him. She got upset anytime she saw him with a female student and would emotionally blackmail him when they are alone. "Aaaaw dear, you could have asked me to help you if you needed something rather than seeking help from others, who are most especially females, she would say to him and begin to sob " . Though they were not permitted to use mobile phones, Lucia secretly used one and not only her but other students as well. Cyril had called her that night and asked for some amount of money and that was the main reason why she wasn't present at the time of the roll call. She left the dormitory early in the morning to see Cyril. After she had given the money to Cyril, she decided to play some tricks on him. "Aaaaaaaw! God, my stomach", she said and intentionally sat on the floor. What's wrong with you Lucia? Cyril asked trying to get hold of her. Yes, come on, hold me, hold me very tightly and all will be well, she said. Cyril did just that trying to help her but Lucia had a different mind-set. Ermmm........... Cyril, can I get a hug from you? Lucia finally said. Yes of course, what are friends for? Cyril said and hugged her. Just then, Cyril remembered he had an assignment to tackle with back at the dormitory. He thanked her and left. Yes! I made it, Lucia said and smiled to herself. That was when she realised she had almost spent an hour and quickly rushed back to the dormitory.

Good afternoon to you all, Mrs. Valentina greeted. Good afternoon madam, they all responded. Well, let me quickly go straight to the point. We have all gathered here today because of the mysterious things that recently happened in your various dormitories, she said. Father Arthur, will take you through a one week fasting and prayer session to clear any bad spirit that had been tormenting you but Natalie would not be part of the fasting because she is not fit to fast, Mrs. Valentina said as all eyes turned on Natalie.

The one week prayers and fasting came to an end and all the evil spirits seemed to have vanished. As the saying goes, “That which has a start, definitely has an end ", it was time for all final year students of Holy Angel Senior High to finally leave the premises of the school and this was what Emily hated most. Little did Cyril know that Emily had grown fond of him? Emily had grown fond of him to the extent that, on one hand, she had wanted to propose to him but on the other hand, she thought of how embarrassed it would be for her to do such a thing. Therefore, she kept it to herself. Hello! Emily, Cyril said. Hey! You, aren’t you going home, thought you are done with all your papers? Emily said as she walked towards him. Yes dear, I'm done and all my things are packed but I thought I should see you before I leave and please can I ask for a favour? Cyril asked. Okay, go ahead, Emily said. Ermmm........... Can we have some snacks at the canteen? He asked. Alright, let's go then, Emily said.

Dear, Cyril began, I will be going home in no time and it hurts me that am leaving my friend behind. That's why I thought we should have some snacks and also say my final goodbye to you. Cyril said.

Hmmmm, Emily said as she sipped her drink. I'm really going to miss you when you are gone but I guess it’s all part of life, Emily said. Don't worry dear, you will hear from me now that you have a cell phone but promise me, you will always stay calm like you have always been, Cyril said. Okay please, I've heard you, Emily said as they stood up to leave.

Hello! Mum, where are you now? Lucia said to her mother on the phone. I will be there in no time dear, you just wait and watch, her mother said. Lucia had packed all her things and was waiting for her mother to come and pick her up from campus. She had missed her mother and was eagerly waiting to see her. Lucia, your mum is at the school's entrance, Bella said. Lucia quickly rushed there and gave her a big hug. Aaaaaaaw mum, you don't know how I've missed you, Lucia said. I miss you more dearly, her mother said. Lucia got her things into the boot of her mother's car with the help of her friends and asked her mother if a friend of hers could join them in the car. Yes dear, anyone of your choice can join us, her mother said. Just then, thoughts of Cyril came to her mind.

Excuse me Anita, a minute please, Lucia said. Yes dear, I was even coming to ask you if I could join you in mum's car, Anita said. Actually I called you to know if u've seen Cyril around, Lucia said. No dear, haven't set my eyes on him today, Anita replied. Ooh, there he comes, thank God, Lucia said. Hey! Girl, who are you talking about and won't you give me an answer to what I asked you? Anita said. Never mind dear and it's quite unfortunate that you didn't come early, someone has already joined us, Lucia lied. Ermmm............. eeeiiiish.......... I had made your mum's car my budget oooo but you let it be, Anita said. Okay girl, better luck next time, Lucia said to her.

Hi Cyril, where you have been, I've been looking for you everywhere, Lucia said. Oooh! Really? , I went to see a special friend of mine, anyway sorry for letting you wait for long, Cyril said. Okay dear, I want to ask you for a favour but please don't say no, Lucia said. Go ahead and make your request, Cyril said. I guess you are about to leave now and I would like you to join me in my mom's car. She will drop you at exactly where you will want to alight, Lucia said.

Hmmmm! sorry dear, have already made my plans. I would like to take a car on my own, am really sorry, Cyril said. Lucia quickly thought of a plan that would make him change his mind. Okay fine, you can take a car on your own but after this, don't ever talk to me or call me again. She said and began to sob.

Come on Lucia, what are you doing and what would your mum say if she sees you in this mood? Cyril said. Lucia on the other hand kept shedding fake tears which worried Cyril the more. Okay fine, you win, so will you now wipe your tears please? Cyril said. Whaaaaaat? Lucia stressed, are you really serious, will you join me in mum's car? Lucia asked. Yes, I will if that would make you okay, Cyril said. I guess you will have to go and bring your things now, Lucia said. Yes, so I will be on my way then, Cyril said. Lucia felt relieved and deep inside her heart, she was really happy. Aaaaaaaw, at long last, he has agreed to join me, thanks to my master plan, Lucia said and headed to the dormitory to take some stuffs. Cyril came along with his bag and stood beside the car.

Excuse me gentleman, are you Cyril? Lucia's mother asked. Yes please, he answered looking stunned. He wondered how Lucia's mother came to know him. Unexpectedly, Mrs. Anarfi overheard their conversation though she was talking to someone on the phone and she got to know he was the one Lucia has asked to join them. Come on, hop in and let's go, Mrs. Anarfi said. Ermmm........ Mum, but where is Lucia? Cyril asked. Ooooh, is she not in the car? I guess she's waiting for us, Mrs. Anarfi said and went on to check if her daughter was in the car but no, she wasn't there. Aaaah! Where is this girl now? She said. There she is, Cyril said pointing to Lucia. Where did you go dear? Her mum asked. I went to pick up some stuffs I left in the dormitory, she said. Okay, then I guess we are all ready now so let's get going. As they left the premises of the school, Mrs. Anarfi cautioned them to put on their seat belts. Cyril sat at the back seat of the car with Lucia looking very nervous. Lucia noticed this and smiled. Are you okay? Lucia asked. Yes, I am, Cyril said and forced a smile. Ermmm....... mum, can I tell u something, Lucia said. Yes sweetheart, tell me, what is it? She asked. I want to introduce Cyril to you properly. So mum, meet Cyril, my boyfriend, she said as Cyril's face dropped.

What? I mean what did you just say, when did I even.............. Cyril tried to say something. Come on dear, Lucia said trying to stop Cyril from saying what he wanted to say. Mum is a very cool person and won't harm you, okay? Lucia said. Exactly my dear, you are right but I guess he is the cool type as well right? Mrs. Anarfi asked. Yes mum, you can say that again, Cyril I must say, is very awesome and as time goes on, you two will surely get on well, Lucia said beaming with smiles. Ermmm............... excuse me madam, can you please drop me in front of that restaurant over there? Cyril said. Yes dear, I will, Mrs. Anarfi said. The car came to a halt and Cyril got down. Thanks mum and you too Lucia for asking me to join you, Cyril said. It's my pleasure, Lucia said. Once again, thank you very much mum and goodbye, Cyril said. Okay dear, I will invite you to come over to my house in some time, at least to know you more. Take care and goodbye too, Mrs. Anarfi said as she sped off. Aaaaah God, it felt like I was really in hell being in that car, but how on earth could she say a thing like that, Cyril said as he headed home.

The only thing that Emily kept motivating herself with was the fact that Cyril had promised to call her from time to time. On countless occasions, she would think of how she met Cyril, how they became friends and how she finally grew fond of him before she could go to bed and wake up the next morning feeling like a queen. Five months had passed and Emily had heard nothing from her parents. She wondered what could had made them so busy to the extent of forgetting her. She had tried calling them on several occasions but to no avail. Their phones were always switched off. The last time her mother paid her a visit, she gave her enough money that could last for long. Therefore, she had enough money that could last till the beginning of a new term. Her father went on a trip to close a business deal but unfortunately had a fatal accident and died on the spot. The police got to the scene and the only thing that could help them in their investigation was his cell phone.

They checked the last person he spoke to before he met his untimely death and it appeared to be Mrs. Susana. They called her and asked if she knew anyone by the name Mr. Alexander Derry and she told them he was her husband. They informed her about the accident and before they could say any other thing, Mrs. Susana hanged up. She screamed and began wailing, calling the name of her husband. Before her younger brother who happens to be Emily's uncle could get hold of her, she also gave up the ghost. All this had happened in just five months and Emily knew nothing about it. Her uncle had decided not to tell her till she came home. Emily sat on her bed trying to refresh her mind with memories of Cyril. Though it was late in the night but she seemed not to care since they would go on vacation the next day. Just then, she heard her phone ring. She answered the call and it was Cyril on the line.

Hello, she said with so much joy in her heart. Hi dear, hope you are fine? Cyril asked. Ermmm, actually, I wasn't feeling well but now that you have called, am very fit, Emily said. Thank God you are fine now, Cyril said. I miss you so much and why did it take so long for you to call me, hope all is well? Emily said. Cyril remained silent for some time before answering her. Hello, are you there? Emily asked. Yes dear, I am and I'm sorry for not calling you frequently, I've been busy off late, doing a few things here and there, Cyril said. Well-spoken dear, I've heard you and I thank God you've called me at last, Emily said. Thanks for understanding me dear, actually, I have another news for you and I don't know how you will take it because you might think I've kept it from you all this while but frankly speaking, I'm even confused, Cyril said. Why are you confused, is it a bad news? Never mind, you go ahead and tell me whatever it is, Emily said boldly. Hmmm, my engagement will be coming on at the end of this month and the worst part of it is, I've been forced to marry this lady in question, Cyril said. Wait a minute, what are you saying, is it real or you are only joking? Emily asked. Cyril noticed the sadness in her tone and became more disturbed. He had also fallen for Emily ever since he set his eyes on her at the library but couldn't find the courage to tell her and now, here he was, telling her about his engagement.

Who is the lady you are getting engaged to? Emily finally managed to ask feeling much pain in her heart. Ermmm, it's Lucia but don't get me wrong, I never loved her. After graduating from school, her mother helped me a lot and in return, asked me to marry her daughter. I tried convincing her but no amount of words could convince her so I agree just like that but I really have to tell you this, all my life, I've loved only one lady and that's you Emily, Cyril said. Hmmm, I'm really confused but I'm really sorry dear, I have to do as Lucia's mum wishes, to fulfil my promise to her, am really sorry please forgive me, he said, waiting for Emily to say something. Hmmm, was all what Emily could say as she hanged up the call?

Oooooh God, I wish this day never existed, Cyril said as he sat on the floor with folded arms. All too soon, it was time to go home and smiles were written on the faces of everyone except Emily. She looked bored as she got ready to go home. Hey, dude, you don't look cheerful, anything the matter? Selina asked. Nothing much dear, I'm fine, Emily replied. But your face says it all, that something is eating you up, Selina said.

Never mind dear, I just had a bad dream but I'm okay, Emily lied. Okay ooo, if you say so, Selina said as they both left campus.

Hello, Mum, dad, anyone home? Emily called out but there was no response. The house was as quiet as a cemetery and she wondered where they had all gone to. Hello my dear, welcome home, how was life at campus? Her uncle asked. Not bad uncle, but where is everyone? She asked. Joojo, Emily's uncle, didn't know what to tell Emily so he sat down and began sobbing. Is everything alright uncle? Emily asked. No my dear, all is not well, as you can see, I'm in my mourning clothes he said. Okay uncle, why are you in mourning clothes and where is mum and dad? Emily asked curiously. Hmmmm, dear, it hurts me to be the one to break this painful news to you, but all the same, you have to be told the truth, he said. Uncle, you are making me nervous, just go on and tell me everything, she said. Calm down dear, the thing is, your dad met with an accident and died. Your mum couldn't take it upon hearing it and also joined your dad. I mean they are both no more my dear, please take heart, Joojo said. Emily felt like her world had come to an end.

After the heart break from Cyril, she thought her mother was the only one to console her but she was also no more. Jesus Christ, Emily shouted. Mrs. Susana heard her daughter's scream and quickly entered her room. Are you okay my dear, I heard you scream, Mrs. Susana said. Oh God! Mum, I had a terrible dream and in the dream, I was a second year student at Holy Angel Senior High and a lot of things happened to me over there and I was also told in the dream by uncle Joojo that dad met with an accident and you died out of shock upon hearing that, Emily said. Really? Mrs. Susana asked. Yes mum, but thank God you are here with me at last, I hope dad is also fine? Emily asked. Yes dear, your dad is doing very well and he even left for a business meeting, she said. Just then, they heard a knock at the door. I will check who is at the door mum, Emily said and headed to the door. She opened the door and was surprised to see all kinds of gifts being left at the door with no one around. She wondered who could have done that and just as she turned to call her mother, all she heard was, happy birthday Emily, may you live long to see all your wishes and dreams come to past. She quickly turned once again and saw all her friends gathered at the doorsteps with smiles on their faces. Matilda, Emily’s best friend, came out of nowhere and poured a full bucket of water on her and they all shouted, "Happy birthday Emily Derry ". Mrs. Susana came there and found Emily jubilating with her friends and said thank God you are happy now after that terrible dream.