An Open Letter To President George Manneh Weah

Feature Article President George M. Weah
President George M. Weah

Dear Mr. President:
With high esteem and revolutionary discipline, I wish to extend to you with two hands salute plenitude of democratic greetings from the zenith, mitochondria and wellspring of political consciousness.

Honorable President, as a paragon of cross-polinated ideas and beau ideal to many Liberians, you believe in nation building and individual capacity. With this, we believe that you can make Liberia a thriving land where citizens will continue to dwell other than the outside world. We appreciate your leadership role and the opportunity given young people to serve various positions in government to help transform the Liberian society through pro-poorism.

Hence, your recent decision in appointing Mr. Nathaniel R. Patray as Central Bank Governor is welcoming and we must appreciate you for that. However, Mr. President, It’s my pleasure to recommend to your honorable office a nationalistic and patriotic son of the homeland and dear personal friend, Mr. Lassana A. Kromah Sr., for the position of Commissioner General at the Liberia Revenue Authority. I have known Mr. Kromah for almost a decade and can attest to his strength of character and compassion for others. His demonstrated commitment to work with your leadership in consolidating the peace and reviving the economy to enable the people live quality life has put Liberia under the spotlight for a peaceful democratic transformation.

As a personal friend and brother to Mr. Kromah, he is an actively contributing citizen of the Liberian State. He would make an outstanding addition to the Liberia Revenue Authority and embody its mission to provide service to Liberians. I first met Mr. Kromah when he was Assistant Commissioner at the Liberia Revenue Authority. We quickly found our paths crossing not just as friends, but also as brothers and fellow true citizens. He has always amazed me with his commitment to our country. With his spirit of giving and skill for institution organizing, he lives by the motto “Service above self.”

Honorable President, Mr. Kromah is a patriotic Liberian whose love for humanity and country is unarguable. His qualifications, experience and education best suit him for the job Mr. President. Mr. Kromah holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance with specific emphasis in Public Sector Financial Management, Bachelor Degree in Public Administration with Minor in Economics (Cum Laude), Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation, Certificate in Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool, Certificate in Flexible, Leadership, Efficiency, Accountability and Transparency, Certificate in Revenue Management, Diploma in Sustainable Management of Revenue Flows, Certificate of Honor, Certificate of Leadership, Certificate of Training in Computer Software. He has had vast professional exposure working in both the public and private sectors over the last ten (10) years.

He has enriched his experience by acquiring skills in various areas such as excellent financial and administrative strengths including cash management, accounts reconciliation, revenue forecasting and financial managements; organizing and directing of accounting system, reviews and financial reporting analysis for public and private organizations; strong administrative management skills with extensive knowledge in financial management processes. Other areas of expertise includes: modernize tax administration, internal and external auditing, Integrated Financial Management Information system, Standard Integrated Government Tax Administrative System, Real Estate Tax collection and enforcement processes and procedures with clear understanding of the Liberia Revenue Code; exceptional interpersonal and communication skills with analytical ability to conduct in-depth reviews of financial circumstances in achieving future goals and making informed decisions.

Honorable President, Mr. Kromah has also acquired experience in review of financial information on a regular basis to ensure compliance with internal and external policies, guidelines, rules and regulations; design, implement, and continually review plans that include strategies designed to execute or pursue long term goals and analyze budgeting and accounting reports for the purpose of ensuring Internal and External controls, Extensive control in Procurement process. Personal skills include complete tolerance and team building with co-workers, analytical skills in contracts negotiations, coordination, and taking initiatives.

Mr. Kromah currently works as Assistant Commissioner, Tax Debt management Division, Legal Board & Affairs Departmen (Liberia Revenue Authority). He also worked as Assistant Commissioner, Real Estate Tax Division (Liberia Revenue Authority), Acting Manager, Enforcement Section (Liberia Revenue Authority), Acting Principal Director, Director for Enforcement and Payment Verification, Officer in Charge, Senior Project Officer (Ministry of Finance), Technical Assistant (Ministry of Transport), Account Technician (FDA) and Trainer (PPCC), Account Analyst (Ministry of Post and Telecommunication), Analyst (Ministry of Finance), Administrative Officer (Premier Milling Corporation), Administrative Manager (SABARI INTERNATIONAL INC), and Office Assistant (Office of Director General- Executive Mansion).

Honorable President, Mr. Kromah has worked hard to get where he is today, and he truly deserves all the success that has come his way as an administrator. He is an outstanding and active citizen with a great commitment to national service. I look forward to seeing all the good that he will continue to do if appointed as Commissioner General at the Liberia Revenue Authority. Thank you for your consideration Mr. President.

Sincerely yours,
Alpha G. Gray
[email protected]