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Opinion | May 7, 2018

Mother Of All Walks: Ndc Climax It's Unity Walk At Aflao In The Volta Region

Mother Of All Walks: Ndc Climax It's Unity Walk At Aflao In The Volta Region

Finally, the bus of the Unity walk has stopped in my home Region, the Volta Region, the world bank of the National Democratic Congress, Fiifi Kweteys Hometown, Infact my mothers' hometown AFLAO.

Aflao, land of the conquerors, the land of the fearless, the land of the fisherfolks, the land from where NDC was conceived, the land of Togbui Amenya Fiti IV the great of AFLAO in Ketu South.

Everyone is on alert to see how the walk-in Volta Region will be?

People are wondering how the world bank will be on that day.

People are itching to have a feel of the real NDC in the Volta Region once again.

The region that I called the mother of the NDC.
The region that decides and always endorse the NDC for victory.

The Region that has never turn it's back on the NDC.

The region that even at the peak of their anger with their own party, they reduced the votes of the NPP further in the 2016 elections.

The Region which is the birthplace of our founder Chairman Rawlings.

A region our party will forever be proud of.
Am happy Volta Region is climaxing the mother of all walks in Ghana, the Unity Walk.

This is the day we will all meet to assess all the nine walks in the nine Regions.

This is the day we will meet our LandLords and let them know that the party will never desert them.

This is the day we will let the world know that NDC despite in opposition, we are still strong and united despite the fact that some of our own party members are trying to force disunity on us.

To me, the unity walk has achieved its purpose. Others may have divergent views but I know most people will agree with me.

The purpose of the unity walk is not to paint the picture as if everything is well in the party. There is no political party that doesn't have issues.

The unity walk is to once again ignite the fire in us and to make all of us know that the NDC is still alive and is getting ready for 2020.

The unity walk has really achieved its aim by making the NPP know that the people of Ghana have really regretted voting for them.

The unity walk has brought back joy to the party. A fact even those who decided not to join can testify.

Unity walk has renewed the strength in us to work towards achieving our goals in 2020.

No one has said the unity walk is a panacea to our challenges. But if Kojo Bonsu and others are doing the Unity walk and you disagree, you should have come out with an alternative rather than sit down to criticize.

We all have our pains about how things happened when we were in government but we can't continue to hold unto the past while we have a future that is beaconing us with smiles.

We are meeting in Volta Region and it will be bigger than ever.

*Hon. Kojo Bonsu and his team have done marvellously well with the unity walk.*

Some people wanted it to be a mess but it became a success.

*2020 is possible but it's just a matter of time*

*Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO.*

Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO
Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO, Ā© 2018

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