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20.04.2018 Feature Article

Ministry Of Education Confirms: No Allowance And Posting For 2018/2019 Teacher Trainees

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As a citizen, I visited some Colleges of Education(COEs) across the length and breadth of the country to find out how the payment of the "supposedly restored" allowance was taking shape.

It was upon my visit I realized there was a dichotomy between what government officials touted and hyped themselves with and the reality on the ground which triggered my article entitled *"NO MORE ALLOWANCE AND POSTINGS FOR 2018/2019 TEACHER TRANEES'*

The article was widely circulated and read because of the public interest in it which as well triggered the "weightless" rejoinder from the MINISTRY of Education.

I was indeed shocked after reading the rejoinder because none of the concerns raised was addressed by the Education Ministry.

No wonder the Education Ministry is been lambasted all over the media for coming out with such a weak, weightless and factless rejoinder.

Per the rejoinder the Ministry of Education must know for a fact that:

1.The Restoration of the Teacher trainee allowance was launched by Dr. Bawumia on *23rd March 2018 instead of 30th March 2017* which covers the three months restoration promised by the Npp government.

2.The Ministry claims 14,180 diploma teachers including those from some private colleges of education were posted in 2017. The Ministry should note that posting teachers of private training schools was started by the previous government which became the first time students from schools like Jackson College and St. Ambrose College Of Education in Dormaa Akwamu were posted after years of been in existence.

3.The ministry said they posted 22,000 degree holders in 2018. They shouldn't forget the previous administration started a recruitment process which was at the stage of posting but was discontinued by Hon. Opoku Prempeh's administration to enable him employ his own people.

4.The ministry was economical with the truth when they said infrastructure developments are ongoing on our training colleges. My findings shows that all projects started by the previous administration have all been halted by this current government in all the Colleges of Education. That has compelled the training institutions to reduce their intake as well.

5.The Ministry has also confirmed that the new admission for the Bachelor in Education program will start in September 2018 to replace the diploma program been run by the our Colleges of Education but has failed to tell us if they will continue paying the allowances.

*Our Concerns Still Stand:* 1.Because government deceived the people of Ghana with the restoration of allowance for our teacher trainees. Because government never said they will restore it in 2018 and cancel it in September 2018 as per the Ministry's own facts they presented which is in their execution plan.

*2.Government owes every teacher trainee GHS6,500 allowance as at April 2018. Because they promised to restore the allowances three months after taking over administration of this country. So government should be prepared to pay every teacher trainee GHS6,500 cedis as arrears and the students should demand for it because the vice President at the launch said the allowance has been increased to 500.00.*

3.Lots of teacher trainees have not received even a pesewa since the restoration. *Sehwi Wiaso* has a student population of 457 out of which only 102 have received the allowance.

*4.The new entrants to our Colleges of Education from 2018/2019 academic year should note that government through the Ministry of Education in their rejoinder has confirmed that they will not and NEVER pay the allowances and well as post any teacher again per the new policy of the Education Ministry*

This means all teachers after training won't get automatic posting as usual but have to go out there to look for their own jobs which will increase our unemployment baskets which has already become a canker and headache to us as a party.

These are the specific questions the students and the general public need answers to and not telling us about teacher development which wasn't part of our concerns raised.

The general public needs answers from our Ministry to be sure before they purchase the forms for admission come September 2018.

*Iam A Citizen, Not A Spectator.* *Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO* B/A YOUTH ACTIVIST. *📞0247046008*

Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO
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