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Ban the use of plastics - Oppon-Kusi

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Accra, June 1, GNA - Mr David Oppon-Kusi, Member of Parliament for Ofoase-Ayirebi, on Wednesday called for a ban to be placed on the use of plastics with a two-year grace period.

"The time span will allow forward looking industrialist to adopt more environmentally friendly packaging."

The member, who was making a statement on the floor of the House, said most small-scale water producers could re-invest their capital in other areas of the economy with appropriate support from the Ministry of Private Sector Development.

"The exist barriers for sachet water producers are low and with a little support they will not lose their livelihoods." He said: "What is required is a national policy which will empower individual assemblies to enforce regulations emanating from the ban. Parliament must take a stand."

The Member said the problem of plastic waste was not due to any natural phenomenon or an act of God: "It is an artificial monster created by our own chosen lifestyle. Plastics are a very useful material.... but like fire, it is a good servant, which can prove to be a bad master."

He said: "We are selfishly mortgaging the survival of future generations for the convenience of the current generation." Mr Bradford Adu, Member for Okere, asked sachet water producers to switch to plastic bottled water whose waste product is much sought after.

He supported the call for the ban saying: "If we do not act now we shall be engulfed with filth and pay a dear price in the future." 1 June 05

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